Start Here!



We created this page to act as a guide for how to maneuver our blog. Since we are planning on adding a lot of material we want to make sure you can easily find what you’re looking for on days that you don’t want to wander around. In addition, it is helpful so you can get a sense of what we are about.

Firstly, we are diElleci, pronounced like DLC. The letters of our first names.

Di – Daisy (left-hand corner)

The youngest of all sisters, she is a 20-year-old engineering student. Currently living in the UK and eager to start living away from home while juggling newfound responsibilities.

Elle – Luisa (right-hand corner)

Next up is Luisa A.K.A the tallest one, a 23-year-old Economics student that lives in the UK as well. She is super excited about her life in London along with Daisy and ready to take on the new challenges that this entails.

Ci- Cleo (middle)

Last but not least, is Cleo, sharing the middle child spot with Luisa (yes we have another sister, and she is older than us). Being 25, Cleo, an engineer graduate, is slowly seeing the meaning of a quarter-life crisis and all the quirks of being a young adult.

Since the blog is new, this page will be constantly updated until you get the complete experience of who we are.

Until then, stay tuned!