#FebruaryChallenge: Hair Growth Challenge- Final Results!

Hey ladies!

March has just started which means that our #FebruaryChallenge has come to an end!

As we explained before (here) the challenge was to massage your scalp with an oil of choice alternating the days to see if your hair grew quicker. Since you pay more attention to your hair than normal the theory is that your hair will grow faster. One thing that we noticed from the comments is that you were excited to be part of this challenge, and many of you noticed a difference almost automatically!!

Before showing my results and explain my situation I want to ask for you guys to make sure to read the whole post, since there’s certain information that is very important for you to keep in mind!

The Process

I have to admist that I did not fully follow the rules! February was a super busy month for me which means that I was not consistent. My hair routine remained consistent of course, but the step of massaging my scalp, I didn’t do it as often as I said I would.

The Results

Here is my initial picture :


The line is a bit bellow line number 8.

And the picture of me a month and five days later:

March 2017

Which means that my hair grew two inches in about one month!!

My opinion

When I saw the picture I did not believe that my hair grew that much. Especially because since my hair grew, i was afraid the roots would make it seem like my hair didn’t grow that much. Even though I noticed that in the first pic there’s a bit of a wave which may have a part in the numbers. But regardless, that was a lot of growth in a short period of time.

Can you see the hairs in line 12?? I guess I didn’t have as good of a hair cut as I thought lol.

What I want to say above it all is that my hair growth can be attributed to many factors such as:

  • My hair grows way faster when there’s a change in temperature, I have no idea why
  • Since I was busy and my hair was oily I didn’t manipulate it much and kept it in a low bun unless it was wash day
  • Before starting the challenge I had a haircut, which contributes to being able to retain more length since your ends do not break off
  • The fact that my scalp had a “shock” since all of a sudden there was so much TLC. But don’t be fooled ladies, because eventually your scalp gets used to it hence no one depends on hair massages for hair growth
  • In December and January I was not having the healthiest of diets, which changed in February when I started drinking way more water and eating better again (again a shock in my system)
  • Anf finally, I maintained my routine. As much as I did not massage my hair as much as I had hoped; I continued with my super disciplined hair routine (if you want us to create a routine just for you click here).



So I hope that I cleared up some questions you may have and you enjoyed the results and information I gave you.

And now it’s your turn! If you took pictures of the challenge please e-mail us with a before and after with some comments about the challenge to the following email:


With the subject “#FebruaryChallenge” and we will share some of the pictures on a future blog post!

I can’t wait to see all of your pics!

– Ci

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6 thoughts on “#FebruaryChallenge: Hair Growth Challenge- Final Results!

  1. Piya

    Beautiful hair growth. Out of the three sisters who has the longest hair length? Is your goal waist length, you’ll get there soon.

    Great challenge.


  2. Rachel

    Hi! I would really like to try this challenge out. Would you say JBCO is the best? And also, you mentioned that your scalp eventually gets used to a scalp massage with the aim of hair growth.

    My question is, in what intervals should you massage your scalp to ensure that the scalp does not get used to it, and it still helps with hair growth.

    Congratulations on those 2 inches! 💞


    1. diElleci

      Hi Rachel!
      I could not say is the best because I have not tried using all oils available in the market to make such a statement. However, it does work effectively and since I find it too thick for my ends I get to use it.

      In regards to intervals, I am no expert on the exact period. But I would say a continuous scalp massage of say a month, to get crazy results you should try to do it 2-3 times a year (so that means with intervals of 4-6 months in between).
      I actually had a very big interval of more than a year since the last time I did a challenge, so maybe that is why the results were so crazy.

      Thank you and good luck on your challenge!


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Ci,

    First off, congratulations on your growth spurt!. But, the middle of your hair from line 5 to 10 start to be thinner, a bit see through. My intention is to draw your attention on it; I do not mean to be negative. Some people have that issue either because of continual parting their hair in the middle during deep conditioning and moisturizing sessions or because of an unconscious lack of care for that part.

    I hope that part will catch up with the hair of your lovely mane.

    Happy hair growing!


    1. diElleci

      Yes I totally agree with you, hence why I am so happy that my hair had a growth spurt so that I can cut off even more hair to make it grow stronger.
      I really believe in my case the issue is I am constantly wearing my hair in a bun due to the job I currently have that requires me to keep my hair away from my face. Although is also is safe to note that I have a lot of new growth and since I only straightened it with cold air,my hair may look more uneven and even thin in some parts since my new growth is 4c.
      However, I am planning on getting a new hair cut, changing the positions of my bun (luckily I will change jobs soon so I can wear my hair down again more) and keep up my routine. Thank you so much for the observation and happy hair growing for you too!


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