#FebruaryChallenge: Hair Growth Challenge

Hi guys!

As I told you on our last post (here), this month starting today, (February 1st, 2017) I’m going to start oiling my scalp every other day with castor oil (you can use other oils such as olive, jojoba, coconut and tea tree oil) and I want you to join me! I’m going to be documenting on snapchat whether or not I gain and/or retain length since like I said before, I had to cut my hair due to some damage and lack of consistency lately in my journey, so I’m hoping to gain some of my length back.

This is my starting point! – Cold Blow dried hair that is roughly at line 9

If you’re interested in joining me, here are the rules:

1. Take a photo that shows your initial length and measure your hair

2. Comment on this post your initial hair length, this can be a line in a shirt like my case or from a measuring tape, whichever works for you

3. Every other day massage your scalp with an oil of your choice for the whole month of February

4. Keep checking our snapchat (dielleci) and Instagram (di.elle.ci) for updates

5. At the end of the month or weekly, take progress photos that shows your length after the challenge and measure you hair

6. On February 28th, comment on the post where I will be showing you my results your results and how you feel about the whole challenge

*If you’d like to know how we oil our scalp, make sure that you follow us on snapchat (dielleci):


*Watch our story where I base my scalp before it ends (Feb 2nd at 13:00 UK time) on our snapchat: dielleci *

I am so excited to see how we all do and want to wish you all good luck! May the odds be ever in your favour (lol) !!

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10 thoughts on “#FebruaryChallenge: Hair Growth Challenge

  1. Anonymous

    Haha, that’s a fitting reference 😄 Starting the challenge today! If I wash my hair 1x a week and apply JBCO to scalp twice during then, will I still get the same results? I do Cowash, but I do it alternating shampooing one week, cowashing the next, so not a midweek one. Your hair is absolutely beautiful, I love it!


  2. Isabel

    I’m in!!! I dont have the shirt and also I’m a little bit la y to measure it, but I will follow your steps to morivate me to be more disciplined! Thank you😘😘😘


  3. Rosa

    Great idea and I’ll be following along too. Are you looking to grow your hair during this Feb. challenge from line 9 to 10 or 11? Is line 12 considered waist length? Gorgeous hair.

    Looking forward to your results and mine as well. Love your blog!


  4. Sese

    Hi there!
    First off I really enjoy your posts so far. Keep it up! Secondly, I’ve noticed that my front hair grows at a much slower rate than the rest of my hair. I’m always afraid to relaxed/texlax it because I feel there is not enough new growth (which results in processing already relaxed hair around my edges).

    Should I skip relaxing my edges next “Relaxer day” or what tips do you have, if any for this type of problem?

    Thank you in advance! ❤


    1. diElleci

      Hi Sese!
      Sorry for such a late reply!

      That is actually the advice that we would give you. Relax your edges every other relaxer to make sure you dont touch too much of your previously relaxed hair.
      Also, make sure that you coat all the hair that is not supposed to be relaxed with vaseline, just in case of any accidents!!

      Thank you for the patience!



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