Length Check #1 : Ci

Hi Guys!

As I said in the first blog post of the year (here) I want to write more hair related content on the blog and I feel like the best way to start is to show you where I currently am. I have recently relaxed my hair and although there was growth, there were also setbacks. But I will go back to that later on. I am currently MBL and my goal is to reach waist length by the end of the year!

My routine

When we started the hair journey we were extreme with our methods and pretty much attempted all ways to grow hair (oils, massages, rinses, treatments, etc.) that we felt were safe. As time went on we developed a routine here that is more manageable and realistic.

However, as my hair has gotten longer I have slacked off with my routine which means that I skipped wash days, rushed detangling sessions and stopped caring for my ends. Although I still have growth, I needed a major haircut to get my hair to look as healthy as I want it to.


The next pictures show the beginning stages of my hair journey:


Beginning of journey in early January 2013 after haircut

January 2014
June 1014

And this is where I am now:


January 2017 – Before hair cut
January 2017 – After hair cut


Future Plans

As you can see my hair did grow a lot over the years but it is not at the health I want it to be. So I thought of something : since we started the blog we have shared our experiences and a lot of you have as well. So I figured that we could do something together!

During the month of February I am planning on oiling (with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, but many other oils can also be used like tea tree oil, Jojoba and olive oil) and massaging my scalp every other day and I want you guys to come along on this challenge!

We will see how much our hair can grow and I will document my journey in our Snapchat page and on March 1st blow dry my hair again to show the progress. On top of oiling my scalp I will follow to a T all the tips we give out in our Pi.Di.Eff , so check it out also ladies!

I would love if you guys could share your length goals in the comments and whether you’d be interested in being part of the challenge with us!


– Ci (C)

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10 thoughts on “Length Check #1 : Ci

  1. Anonymous

    I’m in with you for the challenge! JBCO is already my scalp oil that I apply weekly, and since the New Year, I’ve been doing 5 min scalp massages daily or every other day. I’m currently APL but hoping to reach mid-back length by November of this year. Let’s get this growth on! Your hair is gorgeous, healthy ends too! Could we please please please get a blog post on protective styles using your own hair??


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