New Year New Content

So it’s that time of the year!

Time to make New Year’s resolutions and hope for a better year. Some people are really skeptical about making these but we figured that if we put them in writing and shared them with you, we would have to be more accountable!

There’s no harm in trying!

So let’s give this a try:


Blog Resolutions:

Be more consistent with the blog posts since there’s so much I want to share during this new year. Also, I want to reach my goal of waist length this year! – Di

I want to make some changes to my hair, but I am not sure of what exactly. I want to continue to grow and expand the blog and the content we provide. And I truly believe that this is the year that my hair will reach waist length! – Elle

Make more hair and beauty content! I feel like compared to Elle and Di I have less hair blog content and I really want to share more! I have a few things that I am really excited to show you so stay posted. – Ci




Personal Resolutions:

Ok this one may be a long one lol

I want to have more fun and experience more: travel, meet new people, etc. As much as I want to have fun, I also want to get better grades since last year I didn’t reach the goal I wanted. I also want to improve my health habits and be more consistent with exercise so I can reach my goals. Pretty much, I want to balance my social life with my responsibilities. Furthermore, I want to work on my relationship with God. – Di

I want to graduate with higher grades and travel way more! In 2016 I didn’t travel as much as I hoped and I want to organize myself better so I can this year. Lastly, I want to try to better figure out what direction to go for after my masters program. – Elle

Firstly, if you may or may not know I just moved from Canada to the UK so my resolution is to make 2017 a great year to get to know this country and integrate. Job hunting, meet new people, the whole shebang!Secondly, I want to be healthier (yeah yeah we’ve heard it all before but if I am going to use this opportunity to stay accountable I might as well add this one to the bunch). This includes eating healthier meals and of course sharing with you and exercising regularly! We will keep you posted. Lastly, I want to try new products that are coming out in 2017 since I have a feeling there will be a lot of breathtaking releases! – Ci

This are the things we want to improve this year. Do you also have a list?

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15 thoughts on “New Year New Content

    1. diElleci

      Thank you Eva and I am positive you will also achieve your goals!!

      That is a question many of you ask, I take it is Ci, but she just did her yearly trim and took quite a few of cm so we are not too sure anymore. We will straighten our hair now in January and will make sure to check which one has the longest!



  1. Karen

    Do you follow the same hair routine as you aspire to reach waist length (e.g. do you use more protein or moisture based products) which you will accomplish in no time. Loving your hair and beauty tips.


    1. diElleci

      Hi Karen!

      I think a year and a half into our routine each of us found out what works for us and aside from products we have not changed anything (albeit the fact that we get lazy around some seasons like in exam season).
      So we do not plan on changing anything in our routine since the amount our hair grew in the past years based on our routine coincides with the amount necessary to reach waist in a year. However, if we do change anything we will be sure to to let you all know!



  2. Kai

    My goals for 2017 is to get a better job, save and travel more. Would love to get/compare travel tips (e.g best times to visit certain countries, top 5 places to visit in Angola, the Cabo Ledo beach pictures on your Instagram are amazing).

    Loving your blog too.


    1. diElleci

      Hi Kai!

      Thank you for sharing and we are positive that you will achieve your goals!

      Also that is a splendid blog post idea and one that we have been working on sharing with you, so stay tuned!

      Thank you so much!


  3. Lourdes

    Happy New Year to Di.Elle.Ci. Thanks for the many tips and my goal is looking forward to reading more interesting articles on your blog. Did you sisters have a recent hair length check it’s way passed MBL almost waist length. So thick and healthy congratulations to you and your sisters.

    Such an inspiration. There is hope for me. Yeah!


    1. diElleci

      Hi Lourdes!

      Happy new year to you too! That this year is even better than the last!

      Our length check will be on January 20th that coincides with our 4 year anniversary in a hair journey, so stay posted!

      Thank you so much and also good luck in your journey!



  4. Anonymous

    I cant wait to see your next length check!
    This year I want my hair to be thicker, to achieve that goal I need to overcome my moisture problem. I am thinking about buying a hair steamer. After washing or co-washing my hair, it is always dry after I air dry my hair despite the use of good quality moisturizing deep conditioner(keracare humecto, Aubrey honeysuckle, Kenra, Strinillah, riche moisture Shecentit, among others) leave-in conditioner. I also use Roux porosity control conditioner but my hair still can’t keep moisture after it air dries. I do not know what else to do. Do you use a hair steamer?


    1. diElleci


      We actually do, but not with a hair steamer, we just use the steam room from the gym. If you believe your hair is super dry, we do advise on a steamer, but please don’t go overboard! Simply 10 minutes under it and it will be perfect!



  5. Anonymous

    Hi ladies

    What are you studying ladies? Are schools in England are more difficult than School in Canada?. What GPA is required to attend gradschool in England? I am in Canada finishing my bachelor degree in Psychology, I wish to know more about gradschool in England. Here in Canada, attending gradschool is really competitive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      We are currently studying Aeronautical Engineering (Di); Political Economy (Elle) and Civil Engineering (Ci- finished already).
      In regards to GPA, we are not sure, we will have to inform ourselves. Ci finished all her studies in Canada so she never had to know and us always studied here in England.
      Yes attending grad school in England is also as competitive, of course subject to institutions.

      If you want, we can make a blog post about our experience in school here in England. Matter of fact, that is an amazing idea, so thank you, Lol!



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