Christmas WishList – Hair Edition

It’s Christmas season!!!

And that mans that it’s finnally the time of year that companies put together amazing kits and seasonal swag just in time for you to add it to your Christmas list.

I did a little bit of digging of things that I believe anyone would want and separated it into categories. Today, we will talk about hair gifts that peaked my interest! I really liked looking for these items because they would be an amazing addition to anyone’s product drawer/cabinet/box!

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NUMBER 1 – Hair Product Sets

Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Moisturizing Holiday Set  – This brand is hard to get your hands on, but based on its amazing reviews and reputation it seems to be worth the trek. We have never used the products because they are only easily accessible in the US, but are dying to try! The set just screams Christmas and has anything you would need to make your hair and skin feel and smell amazing!

Moroccanoil VIP Treatment Set – You know about our love affair with Macadamia and trust us this is not cheating! It’s just that since it is the holidays we figured we would splurge and step it up a notch.This deep conditioner is amazing and the oil is out of this world! We have to admit that we would not use the hairspray often, but it’s always something nice to have.

Philip Kingsley Enchanting Hair Collection – This brand is one of our favorites but because of its high price tag we have only purchased it during this time of year or received it as a present. This brand has a range specifically for people with Afro-Caribbean hair texture and has done wonders to our hair!

Aveda Hair Dry Kit – Aveda has amazing products and we were intrigued by this set that promises to transform dry hair! Since our hair is constantly thirsty I would really like to know whether it delivers on that promise. I also like how this set has a travel size and full size version, this way I could possibly sample it before investing on full size.

NUMBER 2 – Hair Accessories

Diane Fromm Heated Gel Cap by MayaBeauty Heated Hair Wrap – This is a pretty inexpensive way to ump up your deep conditioners that we have used since the beginning of our journey. Not everyone has a steamer at home and this is a great alternative. You pop it in the microwave to warm it up (emphasis on WARM, please be safe ladies and follow instructions!) and then put it over your deep conditioner saturated hair.

Satin Lined Caps – If you live in a country with colder weather, most likely you wear caps, hats, beanies, tuques you name it! So, to protect your hair there are some available that are satin lined. This one I really like because of how simple it is.

Tangle Teezer – There’s a reason a detangler is on my wish list! My hair tangles quite easily and this tangle teezer is amazing and doing the job in less time. Although we have one already, I figured I would add it to the list to share with you guys this amazing little tool!

NUMBER 3 – Heat Tools

T3 Micro Making Waves Gift Set – If you enjoy curling your hair T3 is a brand that is constantly mentioned! And they got me with this super chic curling iron set! Not only is it beautiful but it includes pretty much all the barrels you would need to create all types of waves and curls you can imagine.

GHD Elite Dry Style Copper Gift Set  – We love GHD and I’ m a sucker for pretty products so of course this had to be part of my wishlist! OK guys, confession time! Our gym has GHD products and we sometimes go there JUST to do our hair. We can’t be the only ones! But we especially like the blow dryer since its cold setting doesn’t require you to press the button the whole time. Also, it dries our hair pretty quick in cold setting.

Although I did not include it in the list above, a great present would also be our Pi.Di.Eff! It would be a great way to surprise someone with a personalized hair journey guide, curated to their specific lifestyle!

And this ends the Hair WishList! I hope that you guys liked it. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products mentioned or if you think I missed something!


– Ci (C)

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4 thoughts on “Christmas WishList – Hair Edition

  1. Mica

    This is a great list that I needed to get hair products that I have wished for a long time. This came at the right time so glad I was reading your great blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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