The Beauty of Journals

Hi Guys!

Life can be quite hectic and in the midst of it all you may feel like there is just too much to be done as well as to be said. Using a planner may be a very great option if like us you are feeling overwhelmed by the crazy ventures of life.

Growing up I actually always wrote my thoughts and prayers in my journal and as I got older I started to believe that it was quite silly and I quit doing that. Which as time went on I quickly regretted it, given that the world has become so noisy; full of opinions and criticism that sometimes it can even feel like you cannot have your own. Adding to that, I felt this need to talk to myself given that life’s busyness made me drift away from myself.


Using now a journal gives me that alone time that I always treasured since I was a little girl. I write what I want and what I feel and gives me the security to know that I do still have a voice.

Taking that into consideration, the aesthetics of a journal are also quite essential (specially for those Insta flat lays lol) so if you are looking for something gorgeous and at least for us quite original take a look at these ones from Gazelle London*.



When we were given these journals, what really stood out first was the idea behind the products. How each one of them had a message behind them, ideas that coincided with our own and as the name of the journals imply- Thought Keepers- we cannot wait to start archiving ours.

Also, as you guys know we are African and just personally love African prints, and that is something that really attracted us to these journals since they are actually covered with true African cloth and hold quotes from African inspirers such as Nelson Mandela and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Hope that this post has inspired you to start materialising your thoughts through writing as you are never too old to need an outlet for your mind, as your thoughts will forever be important.

Also if you guys like these journals as much as we do, please check them out at Gazelle London‘s website (here).


Much Love!

-Elle (L)

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*Disclaimer- The above mentioned products were sent to us from the company but our review is our honest opinion of our genuine feelings towards such products. 

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