Affordable vs. Expensive- Products for Hair Journey

Hi Girls!

A lot of you get confused on the products that you should buy/get. Although we do reinforce that the most important for a successful journey is the routine and your consistency doing such routine (if you want us to design your routine through a personalised guide click here).

However, we do recognise that purchasing products can be very intimidating, specifically when a budget is involved.

Thus, we decided to go through our stash and pick out two products (one affordable and one expensive) so we create a hair journey product checklist. This way, you will get a sense of what we have and advise you to buy while taking into consideration your budget:



With sulphates:


ORS Neutralizing Shampoo (here) – this is by far the best shampoo we ever purchased. It is available almost everywhere in the world, which makes it so convenient. To be very honest, only do buy another if you want to feel like a princess, since you really don’t need anything else.


Phillip Kingsley Re-Moisturising Shampoo (here) – after our ORS shampoo this is probably the best shampoo we have tried, since it leaves our hair hydrated but clean. So much so your hair feels like it does not need conditioner after (of course we still use it). Also, as a bonus, the fact that this line was designed by a selected team of trichologists makes us feel legit (lol)!

W/o sulphates:


Dark and Lovely Au Natural Gentle Softening Wash (here)- honestly I don’t like how non-sulphate shampoos feel since they don’t create bubbles. However, a shampoo that made our hair feel clean and hydrated is this one and bonus points of smelling like Skittles!


As I Am Co-wash (here) – this product not only leaves the hair feeling clean and hydrated, but also its amazing ingredients not only clean your hair and scalp but also take care of it, which is a big plus for being in a hair journey. Another plus is that you can skip conditioner afterwards since it kind of also plays that role (shorter wash day= Yass)




Herbal Essences/ Tresemmé (here) – With conditioners you really don’t need to splurge given that it will only be in your hair for a few minutes, but for sure these are our favourites because in that short length of time they are able to deliver. Also, accessibility plays a huge role since these are the ones we can always find in any store.


Keracare Humecto Conditioner (here)- The good thing about more expensive conditioners is that they can also be used as a treatment (just leave them for longer and/or use heat) which put in that way is budget friendly since is a two-in-one product. The Keracare Conditioner was one of the first conditioners we tried when we started our journey and it has stood the test of time for a reason!

Hydrating Treatments



Shea Moisture (here) – Unfortunately with treatments, affordability is subjective since their starting price is higher than other products in your arsenal of products  (you can do your own treatment with conditioner as we taught here). We like our deep conditioners to have great ingredients and to be versatile, by far our line of choice is Shea Moisture.


Macadamia/Moroccan Oil Treatments (aqui)- now when it comes to expensive treatments is quite easy to find, the issue is then to find ones that are worth the money. Definitely ours has to be the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Treatment as well as the Moroccan Oil line or even if you are feeling posh, the Phillip Kingsley line.

Protein Treatments



ORS Replenishing Conditioner (here)- it is one of our all-time favourites and if you do buy it you will quickly understand why. It leaves your hair soft but at the same time strong and it has a gorgeous citrus scent.


Kera Pro Restorative Treatment (here)- it is very effective in combating shedding or breakage if you are going through that. As well, if you look at the ingredients you can tell that is very intensive and effective.

Moisturising Creams



Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends (here)-Moisturisers are quite hard to find (you can do with conditioner as we explain here) but when you do find there are many options. This product was actually the first ever product we bought and the only reason we changed is because we found the more expensive Shea Moisture one. So, if you don’t want to invest, this one is amazing as well.


Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk (here)- This moisturiser is definitely our all time favourite. It leaves your hair hydrated without making it look or feel damp and also it has a lovely scent.




Olive oil (here)- Olive oil has always been and always will be our OG (lol). Literally you can find it everywhere and at a very affordable price. Not only that, it is actually amazing and effective on keeping the moisture in your hair, giving it sheen and strength. Also don’t worry about the smell since it goes away almost instantly.


Coconut/Jojoba Oil (here)- Definitely are more luxurious oils, not only from the price but due to its components. Your hair remains soft but not weighed down, a feature that unfortunately olive oil may not have.

Hope that you guys have found this post helpful for your hair journey checklist and your budgets. Like always leave down comments and we will definitely respond to you. Also, if you still believe you are quite lost or have an issue that is more specific to you, how about giving a look to our new venture the Pi.Di.Eff (here).

Much love!

-Elle (L)

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    1. diElleci

      Thank you Karen! So nice of you 🙂

      Oooh good question! Last time we checked it was Ci, but she cut her hair now that she moved to London due to the hard water (we have a post on this by the way) so I really believe we are now all tied!

      We’ll let you know on our next length check when we relax our hairs, since we are now 11 weeks post.



      1. Anonymous

        For some reasons, I thought that Elle has the longest hair while Ci has the shortest hair. But I have noticed that I am totally wrong! Anyways you all have lovely shiny hair!


    1. diElleci

      Hi Kaise!
      We are currently not selling any merchandise, only the Pi.Di.Eff 🙂

      But I am a little bit confused, where have you seen this dark purple and white t-shirts? Lol



      1. Kaise

        Sorry for the confusion. It’s actually the deep purple shirt I think it was the very first picture with the three of you sitting on the couch shown on your Instagram. One of you had on a purple t-shirt. My apologizes I thought it was a length check shirt with the white lines at the back. I love that color purple.

        There’s a future idea have your logo on the front in white for a length check purple t-shirt or a personalized t-shirt in a different color.

        Sorry again for the confusion just love that color. Great blog.


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