Our 5 Favorite Conditioners

Hello girls 🙂

Starting a hair journey is a real commitment, from sacrificing your weekly visit to the salon to not always looking your very best in efforts to stay away from heat. To add to this mix, finding the right products seems like a chore as well.

So we decided in this post, to share our favourite conditioners of all time, in an effort to help you find the products you need:

1- Macadamia Deep Repair Masque:


As our first conditioner is our all time favourite deep conditioner. Not only you can feel the difference in just one use, since it makes your hair feel strong as well as soft and has a beautiful smell. But it also does make a difference in your hair since its promise to restore your strands it is unequivocally the truth!

2- ORS protein:


We love this product even before our hair journey, and don’t worry natural ladies, even though it conventionally comes in the relaxer kit, it works for just about anyone! It makes our hair feel so soft and its citrusy smell brings a twist to our routine. It is by far our favourite protein treatment conditioner!

3- Herbal Essences Hello Hydration:


Cheapie conditioners do not necessarily have to be amazing since you will mostly only use them to co-wash, however we love this conditioner and it is amazing even for its price. It makes our hair feel so hydrated and as a very important bonus, it brings so much slip to our hair (the only one that beats him is the Macadamia) that makes our detangling sessions a breeze!

4- Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose:


We can attest that this conditioner plays a great part in restoring back moisture to brittle and dry hair and as a great factor, you can actually understand all ingredients in it. Although it does not have great slip (as most all natural products don’t) it makes wonders to your hair.

5-Jason Long and Strong Conditioner:


We love this product! The thing is when you use it you don’t really see much effect, it is when you take it off and wake up the next day that you get why it is amazing. You wake up to shiny, vibrant and really strong hair. Again the ingredients are amazing and organic which is alway a plus.

-Hopefully our favourites will help you find your favourites too, however, if you cannot find them do not think it is the end of your hair world. Not only because these are not the only products we use on our hair journey, just our personal favourites, but because as we always like to state, successful results in a hair journey are not limited to its products, but actually on the disciplined routine and consisted care that you do with the products available to you.

Comment down below your favourites or if you use any of ours and what do you think!

Happy Hair care!

-Elle (L)

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25 thoughts on “Our 5 Favorite Conditioners

  1. Anna

    Love… did I say love, love, the ORS Conditioner my all time favourite. I always come back to that conditioner. Also love Aussie Moist 3 minute conditioner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Anna!

      As you can see we agree with you lol! Best conditioner

      Unfortunately for me the Aussie one didn’t work. It was quite annoying since its so accessible here in London

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Yoilla

    My five favourite conditioners are:

    1.Shea Moisture Honey Manuka Hair Masque
    2. ORS Conditioner
    3. TGIF Honey Hair Mask
    4. Aussie 3 minute Moist
    5. Nexxus Humectress conditioner (the old version)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Yoilla!

      Thank you so much for contributing! I definitely NEED to check out the Shea Moisture Honey Manuka and the Nexxus one since they have such great reviews!
      Thank you for the suggestions!



    1. diElleci

      Hi Mila!

      Yess thats the thing right? Some products work others don’t. Its tricky in the beginning but with time we finally get the hang of what works for us.

      Please do try and let us know!



  3. Lisa

    Love your blog. Heard rave reviews about macadamia oil conditioner and will have to try it. Also where can I purchase your burgundy knapsack/bag shown on your Instagram page….it’s the last picture with the second row?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Reece!

      It does not have harsh proteins in it, but due to its reconstructing properties it is not necessarily moisturizing conditioner.
      Basically answering your question, it is more moisture than protein treatment



  4. Anonymous

    The Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose used to be my number 1 Moisturizing deep conditioner. Now that it has been reformulated( they also changed the packaging, it does not look like the one you showed ) and they make it an instant conditioner, my hair does not respond to it as well as before. It is too runny for me, and I cannot put it on dry hair like before. However, I am still in love with its scent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci


      No way that they have changed the formula 😱
      I was able to still buy the old formula last month off of Amazon so thank you for letting me know so I can stock up!

      And yes the smell is amazing
      Thanks for sharing!



  5. Anonymous

    Hi Di Elle Ci,

    Thanks for this amazing post. Do you use the Jason conditioner as an instant conditioner to cowash with or as a deep conditioner?`

    Do you use a moisturizing conditioner after deep conditioning with the ORS replenishing conditioner?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci


      We use it for both, as a cowash and deep conditioner.
      And no we don’t follow up with moisturising conditioner. It has been a few years (beginning of our journey) that we did that. We really see no difference in doing both aside from the fact that is time consuming, hence why we stopped doing it.

      Thank you! 🙂


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