SOS Dielleci: How to handle Roomates

Hey loves,

Today I will talk about something that some people have to deal with whether because they need to share a space in school or if they want to save some funds. I have had roommates before (hopefully they are not reading this! haha) and let’s just say that if I can avoid it, I will in the future. Also, one of the readers asked us to speak about it and I feel like now is the best time to do so, since most people that are back in university have settled down from all the new school year euphoria.

Dealing with roommates is hard, whether they were your friends before or not. I truly believe you don’t know a person truly until you live with them. The most wonderful and put-together people can become a nightmare behind closed doors. Also, living completely separate lives (different jobs, different friends, you name it) in a shared space can sometimes be overwhelming.

So I will give you a few tips to make the situation slightly easier.

  1. Try to separate your belongings in a friendly manner
    • This one is important because most issues that arise from living with people stem from shared spaces such as the kitchen and even bathroom. Have a talk on things that need to be individually bought (your favorite treat is off limits!) and the ones you might as well share (maybe milk? or even toilet paper?). It is very important to be clear on what you like, to avoid disappointment (and arguments) down the line. While I was living with roommates, we had 3 sets of almost everything and it worked for us.
  2. Be mindful
    • As much as you may enjoy loud music while you’re getting ready, this may not sit well with everyone else around you. Also if you need a million alarms for the simplest (and sometimes earliest) tasks maybe least you can do is lower your phone volume (I’m looking at you Di!). Be mindful and aware that you are sharing a space with others and that not everyone has the same quirks as you. In the same way, don’t be so strict about the things you like! Just because you need perfect lighting, sound and temperature in order to concentrate or relax does not mean everyone has to change their lifestyle for you.
  3. Make sure your guests also know the rules
    • While I was living with roommates I was fortunate enough to have my own bathroom, but whenever guests of mine came, sometimes they’d use my roommates’ bathroom. So it was my responsibility to make sure to let them know which bathroom to use or which things they could use. This just avoided misunderstandings, especially because I couldn’t be aware of all the things guests were doing. Also, if anyone was to sleep over I made sure to let people know so they don’t freak out about a stranger in their house in the morning.
  4. Be accountable
    • This one I believe is the hardest. Because as easy as it is to pinpoint all the mistakes and flaws of others, it is much harder to notice when you are the problem. Sometimes you can focus so much on how your roommate is skipping their chores that you don’t notice you’re just as guilty. Hence, why the problem is never solved! You both think you’re less wrong than the other! So try your hardest to be accountable before you point your finger at someone. Clean after yourself, maintain a routine that works for everyone, etc. Only if after you’re doing everything that is expected of you and there’s still issues, then you can rightfully discuss the issues you’re having (unless your roommate does something that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. That is never OK!)

Comment down below of any other advice you’d give in order to make living with roommates easier. And as always, you can see what we are up to on our social media!


-Ci (C)

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3 thoughts on “SOS Dielleci: How to handle Roomates

  1. African Students Abroad (ASA)

    Wow, such an insightful article esp. Point 1 & 4! In my case, I saw the biggest mistake people made was to assume that they could live together because they were friends… It is almost better to move in with a stranger and set-rules, and then become friends….as the opposite tends to be much harder. Another reality as African students that we faced was the elongated “sleep overs”/”visits” which sometimes turned “a few days” into weeks, and maybe months…lol! I plan to write an article on “surviving living with your siblings” as in my case…my flatmates were my brothers …This comes with MANY advantages (and would not change it for the world), but also its own challenges too (and boy things can get ugly, lol!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      So glad that you liked the article! And I do agree on that, for my case I did not know them before we moved it and it was so much easier to set rules and then become friends.

      Again, I agree with you, now all 3 of us live together and although it is beyond better than my experience with roommates, it does have its challenges as well.

      Cannot wait to read your article and thank you for reading ours!


      Liked by 1 person

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