How I Cut My Hair at Home (Video-Tutorial)

Hey lovelies!

If you follow our blog for a little while now, it’s not news to you that we take care of everything hair-related at home. Since we started our hair journey, almost 4 years ago (see our story here), we haven’t been to a salon. With that, I’m going to show you today one of the many things we do at home, which is how I trim my hair.

Trimming your ends is a very crucial and necessary step in any hair journey; whether you’re relaxed, natural, transitioning, you should be trimming your ends. With time, as our hair grows out, our roots become our ends; therefore our ends are the oldest part of our hair. For that reason, our ends are the driest and weakest part, so cutting them regularly helps to eliminate split ends and reduces breakage.

Before the hair journey, I used to see a lot of broken and short hairs all over the place, my hair wouldn’t stop breaking off (read our SOS: DiElleCi post all about hair breakage here). Besides that, every time I went to the hair salon to get “trims”, a week later my hair would just get uneven again. Then, when I started my hair journey, I would trim my ends regularly and I noticed that my hair was healthier and easier to manage and detangle.

Since then, I try to trim my ends at least every single time that I relax and straighten my hair, that is around 3-4 months (you can see how we do that here) or whenever I notice a few extra split ends or when my hair gets tangled easily. I’ve been doing this since the beginning of my hair journey, although back then I used to be a lot stricter that I am now. Because now, since my hair is healthier, I notice that I can get away with trimming my ends less frequently, however I learned that I can’t stay too long without trims.

This time though, I stayed about 8 months without trimming my ends which, as you’ll see from the pictures below, it was far too long. I had a lot of split and see-through ends from staying that long without cutting my hair and I believe that I lost more hair than I would’ve if I had trimmed sooner. From now on, I’m going to trim my hair after every relaxer and if I feel like I need to trim after I straighten my hair.

I think everyone that has gone to a salon for trims, has had at least one instance where the stylist cut more hair than you may have wanted them to. The most I ever cut was about an inch or so because my ends were getting very thin and weak (as you can see here), but usually, I try to cut about half an inch or even less per section. Hair grows approximately 6 inches per year (if it is moisturised and healthy) and since I want my hair to get longer, I try to retain as much of that length as possible without having to compromise the health of my ends.


I like my ends to be super blunt and I cut them in a “U” shape, but you can cut them however you like depending on your preference. Since I’m going to be trimming my hair on my own, the way I position my fingers will influence the shape of my ends (I’ll show you in the video don’t worry).

Before you begin, make sure that the scissors (shears) you will use are made specifically to cut hair and that your hair is very well detangled. You can trim your ends whenever you like, but since now I texlax my hair (I leave a bit of texture when I relax; as you can see here) I prefer to cut my hair only when I straighten it and right after I texlax to avoid having to cut more after to even it out:

  • I start by making sure that my shears are sharp (otherwise, it can cause even more split ends) and I comb out any knots or tangles that I may have.


  • Separate the hair into 2 main sections that go from ear-to-ear and as I cut, I divide each main section into smaller sections about half an inch thick.


  • Using the pointer and middle fingers, straighten the hair from the root down to wherever you want to cut. Repeat this process for every single small section and work your way up.


  • To avoid making any mistakes, I try to cut just a little bit at a time and start cutting lower than the actual place I want to cut; given that if I don’t cut enough I can simply just repeat the previous steps, but if I cut too much I’d have to wait months to get the length back. This is very important; especially when you cut the hair that frames your face.


  • When you finish cutting, comb all of the hair out again and check to see if your hair is how you like it or if any changes need to be made. My hair usually naturally grows faster on the right side than on the left, so if I want to get my ends even blunter, I ask my sisters for help in case I didn’t get the exact shape I wanted.

Now that you get a sense of what I do, here’s a video showing you how I do every single step that I mentioned above.

Tools Used:

  • Hair Shears ( here )
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Clips to tie hair back (optional)
  • Tangle Teezer

I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial and that I was able to show you what I do when I trim my hair as clearly as possible. As always, if you have any doubts or if I didn’t leave something as clear as I could have, let me know in the comments and we’ll try to clear everything up.


-Di (D)

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13 thoughts on “How I Cut My Hair at Home (Video-Tutorial)

  1. Nara

    Love this and your hair is growing so fast. It will be waist length in no time definitely by December. Do you take any hair vitamins and/or wear wigs for protective styling. Gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Nara!
      Thank you so much and hopefully you are right, lol!

      No we currently and have never taken any hair vitamins and the only protective styles I use (quite religiously although make sure to change positions) are buns.



  2. Megan

    Great and easy steps to follow. This tutorial couldn’t have come at a better time. I needed something easy to follow and this is so helpful. How many weeks post relaxer are you? Do you still follow your current hair regimen as your hair gets longer or have you changed anything and/or products? Your hair is so healthy and bouncy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Megan!

      So glad to hear that it will be helpful for you!
      I was 1 week post-relaxer when I made the video and my hair regimen is a bit more relaxed now that my hair is growing (and I’m getting a bit lazier). In regards to products, even when we started we have always have tried new products so aside from our faves (Macadamia, ORS replenishing, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk) we switch up all the time.

      Thank you!


  3. Anna

    Wow! Great tutorial. What products (e.g. flat iron protection spray) do you use to get that beautiful sheen? How long does your straight hair last before washing? Also what is the name and color of your lipstick?

    Beautiful video.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Anna!

      Thank you so much!
      The flatiron I use is the Sedu Pink Collection and the protection spray is the CHI Iron Guard Spray.
      Since I was in Angola (humid tropical weather) I only managed to stay with my hair straight around 1 week, but when I am in London I can stay with my hair straight for about 2 weeks.
      The name of the lipstick is MAC Antique Velvet!



  4. Loide

    I have just relaxed my hair, this is a great video. I’m also trying my best to become “salon free” lololol… Thank you very much


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