My Hair Goals: Di

Hi guys!

Like I had said before in this post (here) about tips on how to make working out a bit easier, it’s always good to set small goals during your journey to make the path towards your final goal not seem as long. Like a lot of you may know (otherwise, click here and read all about our hair story) we’re on a hair journey for almost 4 years.

During this time, we have yet to reach our final length goal of our hair reaching waist length, therefore in order for us to remain sane, we made a few small goals just to get our minds off of that fact.

Setting small goals helps to stay motivated, especially since, let’s be honest, it can get a bit tiring to always do the same routine day in and day out, without seeing immediate results. So, if you keep on setting and reaching small goals, your mind will be off of the fact that you still have a long way to go until you reach your final goal and the years will just fly by.

Like I had previously said, I still haven’t reached my final goal, but I have reached a few of my small goals, so I thought it would be a fun idea to show you a few of my hair goals so that we can all try them together.

That being said, here goes my list of goals that I have reached so far:

  • Tilt my head and see my hair through my armpit:


  • Thick and long braids that are at least APL (Arm Pit Length):
  • Length of hair resting on objects:


  • Big buns even when hair is straightened: 


  • Put all of my hair back without needing any clips or a headband:


  • Touch my hair from the back without practically breaking my arm:


  • Have my hair get stuck inside my clothes:


  • Long ponytails that are at least APL (Arm Pit Length):


I’ll have my length check up soon, but in the meantime you can see Elle’s here. You can also see here, how we straighten our hair at home. 

And here is a list of goals I still have not reached:

  1. Looking straight ahead and seeing my hair from under my arm
  2. Long ponytail braids (that are at least APL)
  3. Being able to do very intricate hairstyles (such as wedding styles) without using clip ins
  4.  Having the ends of my hair get stuck in my high-waisted jeans
  5. Lastly, have waist length hair (final goal)

In the comments, tell me if you’ve reached any of the goals I mentioned above or if not, tell me what your hair goals are, short or long term.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed making it and hopefully, it helps you keep patient during this journey!


-Di (D)

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21 thoughts on “My Hair Goals: Di

  1. Mai

    Love this post. The thickness of your hair is amazing. What 3 main things/factors (e.g. coconut oil, diet, castor oil, etc.) would you attribute to the thickness of your hair? My main goal is BSL then waist length and it seems to take forever. Your hair is giving me lots of hope.

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    1. diElleci

      Hi Mai!

      Thank you for sharing your goals!
      In regards to your question (good question by the way) the mais factors for my thickness is waiting way longer to get touchups (around 4 months now) and when I do get the touchups not taking out all the texture (my hair still has a wave to it). As well, as cutting my ends anytime I start to see any thinning.
      1- Space out your touchups
      2- Texlax your hair (leave some texture)
      3- Get trims any time you see any thin ends

      Hope that helps and hopefully you reach your hair goals!



  2. Joy

    Love your hair tips and I agree too your hair is so close to waist length. Did you color/dye your hair? If it’s your natural hair color please bottle it for me. So fabulous and love the sheen ;-).

    Trying to get to APL then BSL. One day hopefully I’ll be there.

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    1. diElleci

      Thank you so much for sharing your goals!
      I do all the trimming (all 3 of us plus our older sister and mum). Haven’t got it professionally trimmed since we started the hair journey.



    1. diElleci


      For protein treatments I love both the ORS line, specifically the reconstructor conditioner (yellow bottle) and the hair mayo. I also like the Aphogee line for more hard core protein treatments.



  3. Anonymous

    Do you think that the Macadamia deep repair mask has protein?. I have used Joico k Pak Reconstructor and followed with Macadamia mask to put moisture back in my hair; however, my hair was not really moisturized and soft as usual after a moisturizing conditioner.

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    1. diElleci


      The proteins that are on the Macadamia one are not as strong as other products, but since you used such harsh protein with Joico, I advise you to get a more moisturising conditioner. In the Joico line there is a moisturising conditioner or even go cheaper with lines like Herbal Essences or v05.



      1. Anonymous

        You are right, last time I followed the reconstructor with Joico Intense Hydrator my hair was softer and more moisturized. As I have other moisturizing deep conditioner( Kenra, Strinillah, Joico recovery balm, Design essential Coconut Monoi Mask, Eden Body Work Coconut Monoi,It is a 10 Miracle Hair Mask and Keracare Humecto) I will use one of them next time i put protein in my hair.


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  4. Nadya

    Hi, I am obsessed with you guys, I am now follow your paths and see what results I can get. I am just not sure on how to use some products. Do you think it is fine to alternate some products for example, one week I use one cowash and on Sunday a deep conditioning and then the following week use different ones? Or it is better to keep using the same product for a determined time and then change?


    1. diElleci

      Hi Nadya!

      We are advocates of changing things up. Simply because the culprit of hair growth is not the products but is the routine and also because we are product junkies (lol). So switch it up if you can!



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