Skin Prep Routine + Highlight & Contour

Hi guys!

For a full face beat you will require technique, tools and creativity in order to achieve your full potential, but most importantly you also need a smooth canvas in order for your makeup to stand out. Our routine, when we want to a achieve a full face of makeup, is usually done by following these steps and then the eyes and lips are left to our imagination. Thus, anytime we show you a different makeup look with a full face, we will direct you to this post.

Our steps are:

Start with a fresh and clean face. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and moisturise, I used Equate’s Exfoliating Apricot Scrub to wash my face and almond oil mixed with a bit of olive oil to hydrate my skin. Let your moisturiser of choice sink into your skin for a few moments (while you prepare the rest of the products that you’ll use).


Next, use a pea-sized amount of primer in the areas where your skin gets the oiliest. For me, it’s my forehead and my nose (T-zone). I make sure to place the product directly on those areas. When I’m done, I apply whatever is left on my finger to the other parts of my face. Here I used Clinique’s Universal Superprimer and I let it sink in for a few minutes as well:


To make sure that your makeup lasts as long as possible, Spray a bit of MAC’s Fix + and let it completely dry before you proceed with applying your foundation:


Next, use a pea-sized amount of your foundation and apply little dots of it all over, including your neck. I used the Black Up Full Coverage Cream Foundation in HC10.


Using my hands, as if I were applying a moisturiser, I smooth the foundation all over my face and neck. This way, I feel that I’m using less product because I can spread it evenly without it getting absorbed into a sponge or brush. Next, using a damp Beauty Blender sponge, I blend a bit more. After I use a Beauty Blender, I like to buff in my foundation a bit more to ensure that it is as seamless as possible, by making circular movements using a flat-top brush. I used the e.l.f. Powder Brush to make everything as even as possible.


In the end, this is what your foundation should look like. If you want a more natural look, you can stop here, but currently, I have a lot of bags under my eyes to stop here, so I continue.


To cover my bags a little, I used a concealer that is slightly lighter than me, from LA Girl (in the colour Toast) and put it over my bags. After, I used my ring finger to blend it in a bit.


After that, I use my damp Beauty Blender to make it all seamless.


If I were going for a simpler look, I would just add powder to set everything and make sure that my concealer stays put. I would also do my brows and I would add blush (to add a bit more colour to my face) and mascara and I would be done.



For a more glamorous look, I highlight and contour. The trick is to add a darker shade in the areas that you want to add shadows and a lighter shade in the areas that you want to add light. I used the LA Girl concealer in Toast (I sometimes use Chestnut as well) to highlight my forehead, under my eyes and the bridge of my nose. These are the areas where light would naturally hit it so they would naturally appear brighter. I don’t like an overly bright look, so I used a concealer that is just a tiny bit lighter than my skin tone, but feel free to choose a colour that is 2 to 3 times lighter than you. To contour I used the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Espresso 10. I contoured my nose to make it appear a bit smaller, my cheeks to give the illusion of cheekbones and my jawline, almost to my neck to shorten my face a bit.

To eliminate the harsh lines on my nose, I go over the line with my ring finger until it fades a bit. The secret is to create shadows and not harsh lines.


I did the same to my cheeks, but instead of using my finger I used the Tapered Foundation Brush from Real Techniques to eliminate the harsh lines.


After that, spread whatever product is left on the brush on the edges of your forehead to make it appear smaller.


When you’re done using the brush, use the top part of the beauty blender to blend out your concealer.


Use the bottom part of the Beauty Blender to blend out the contour a bit more and to make it all seamless.

Next, add some powder to set everything. I used the Black Up Two Way Cake in TW12 and I only put it on the places where I have the concealer and foundation. Where you have the contour, don’t add anything yet. Let the powder sit for a minute or two on your highlighted areas to make sure that everything is set and that everything stays matte. After that, remove the excess powder using the flat-top brush from e.l.f., again, in circular motions.


After that, to define and set the contour, use a bronzer. I used the Guerlain bronzer in Terracota. Only place the bronzer in the areas where you contoured.


This is the final look after highlighting and contouring. After this, I proceed with the rest of whatever makeup look I will desire to do that day:


These are the steps that I do to prepare my skin when I do any super glam full makeup look. Hopefully our technique was helpful for you and any issues you had with any of these steps were cleared, but if not, you know what to do, just comment down below!


-Di (D)

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14 thoughts on “Skin Prep Routine + Highlight & Contour

  1. Nari

    Love love so love these steps. Very easy to follow and will be trying these steps for my contouring. Always wanted to do it. BTW, is your hair two twists and then did you tuck in your ends. Love your hair as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melissa

    Gorgeous skin and makeup. Do you also use the MAC’s Fix + setting spray after applying all your makeup or only before applying your foundation. Love your makeup colors they compliment your skin so beautifully.

    Question: What is the name of the pink color Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss found on your Instagram the fifth picture from the left. You are wearing a white top, middle picture 2nd row.
    I have to buy and love that lip gloss. So beautiful.

    Loving your blog too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Melissa!

      So sorry that I forgot to add that, yes, when I finish applying my makeup (eyes and lips as well) I apply the fix plus.

      Thank you so much Melissa and actually the brand of the lip gloss (again so sorry) is Laura Mercier not Anastasia Beverly Hills, I made a mistake on Instagram. And the name of the colour is TULIP.

      Thank you again!


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