10 ways to have a more positive life

Hey loves!

If you are like me, although you feel very blessed to have the life that you have, at times you can get very down or lose motivation. Honestly, sometimes social media is great but seeing these young people accomplishing so many things can make you feel as though you are missing out, or maybe there have been changes in your life that you did not foresee having such an impact on your emotions. Or even worse, the news may have reminded you of how evil some people can be. We have all been there and I believe that it’s important to go through the lows since life is not filled with rainbows.

I also advise you not to just brush off your emotions when things seem gloomy but rather take this time for some self-reflection. Among the many great lessons that my mom taught my sisters and I, one was to always focus on yourself (her actual words were to watch your own belly button; if weird analogies work best for you lol). If you focus on yourself, your growth and development during the good AND the bad times I promise you things can only get better.

So below are some tips to help you stay positive:

1.It takes a village to raise a child

Although this is something said to raise a child, I believe this theory really applies to your whole life. As humans, we are social creatures and we thrive in environments where we can count on others or feel as we have a purpose because someone else is counting on us. It may seem hard at times because of many circumstances, but nothing can stop you from creating your own village. I will use myself as an example, I am currently living in Canada and have found friends that share similar goals as me even though I came here when I was older. So I created my own village or my own network of friends and am very glad I did.

2.Expand your horizon

Sometimes monotony  can really take a toll on you, especially when you are so young and eager to learn new things. To add to the village idea, your village shouldn’t just consist of people that think like you, come from the same place as you and have the same preferences as you. Knowledge enriches your life greatly and there is no better way than to completely engulf yourself in it. Truly get to know people from different backgrounds as you, different religion and political views, the possibilities are endless!

3.Create a goal and accomplish it!

There’s no better feeling than to set a goal for yourself and accomplishing it! So set one every week, every day if you want to. And I am not talking about major goals such as climbing mount Kilimanjaro, I am talking about small ones every day so you can get a mini rush on a regular basis. On most people’s phones there’s a walking tracker so your goal can be to take 10,000 steps a day. Maybe your goal is to wake up early every day and seize the day or to eat healthier! Again, look at things in your life you can tweak or make more positive and you got a goal in your hands.

4.Be healthy

You don’t need to run a marathon but being active is a great way to make yourself stay positive. Not only because of the benefits of exercising but because you can tick off two things off this list. My current goal is to work out 6 times a week for at least an hour, whether is by going on a one hour walk or by doing exercises from a workout DVD. Honestly, I feel so proud of myself when I do my daily workouts and I get to have that feeling every day I accomplish the goal. Then it becomes a cycle and I start eating better which makes me look better and I feel even better. Your health is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and those around you.


Rest sometimes is so underrated it’s ridiculous. I am not talking about sleeping for 12 hours and wasting away your day. I am talking about truly sleeping without interruptions (which for some may seem unattainable), in a comfortable setting. So many times people spend so much money on clothes and things they wear once every other full moon but neglect the place where they will sleep every single night. Is your bed giving you back pain? Is your sleep interrupted by outside light? Do you nap in the middle of the day so when it’s time to sleep you lay awake with your phone? There are so many ways that we can affect our sleep that can have consequences we don’t even notice.

6.Be confident

You are smart. You are beautiful. You matter. For some people, these are words that are hard to say or even think. Make sure to take some seconds of your day to acknowledge the great person that you are. For some people, it works to look in the mirror and state positive words in front of a mirror. You can just think of them to yourself. You don’t need others to state the obvious. It starts with you realizing the great person that you are.

7.Do something nice for someone

Now compliment someone else. Complimenting someone won’t take anything away from you. Help your parents without them asking, show them how much you appreciate them. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and that may be lonely. Help someone that dropped their wallet. There are so many beautiful nice things you can do to spread the positive vibes around.

8.Walk the walk

Now this is something that can be described as easier said than done. It is so easy to complain about how dirty your neighborhood has gotten or how no one helps the elders. Then you do it! Get up and encourage others to follow suit by being an example rather than just talk about changes that need to be made. You will see how great it will feel to start a movement in your community or even just helping a few people.

9.Be creative

This one really keeps me positive and is one of the reasons for creating this blog. Growing up I used to always read and write and let my imagination go wild. With time (and engineering) I lost my opportunities to do so and I had to take matters into my own hands. With this blog, I have been exposed to photography which I have never considered before. Even makeup allows you to express yourself. Just go wild. Try painting. Music. Dancing. Sports. Invent a sport. Anything.

10.Don’t compare yourself to anyone

This one I had to leave for last since I want it to be my last few words. There’s a difference between comparing yourself to someone and being inspired by someone. It is very easy to confuse those two feelings but you should always be aware of that. You don’t know everyone’s journey or what goes on behind closed doors. Focus on yourself and the things YOU need to do to get to where you want to be.

Is there anything you think we should have mentioned? Is there a secret way you maintain yourself positive? Let us know in the comments.

Ci (C)


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10 thoughts on “10 ways to have a more positive life

  1. Shelly

    Great words of wisdom and so true. Helping others really puts things into perspective. You never know who is beside you and when you help someone without realizing it someway or somehow it comes back to you. It’s contagious I tell you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Shelly!

      I agree with you completely. I believe we all have a mission in this world, so it is up to us to get it accomplished.

      Thank you for commenting!


  2. Yandy

    I use to always compare myself to others and it was exhausting I had to do me as my Mom say “all that glitters isn’t gold”. You and your sisters inspire me all brains and beauty. Thanks for your blog and the many tips.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Yandy!

      Such lovely comment! Comparison is the thief of joy and although some comparison is healthy for our goal, I do agree with you that too much is exhausting.

      I am so glad you are over comparing yourself and although I don’t know you, I am pretty sure you do not and did not have any reason to 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting


  3. Isabel

    This os such a great post! You talk from your own experience and this post makes a great example of you spreading some positive vibes to all of us! Great Job! My favourite one was when you talked about the value of small little gestures of kindness… Our world needs more love! 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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