How I Remove My Makeup: Super Simple Tutorial

Hi Guys ūüôā

I actually enjoy wearing makeup but previously, knowing that I had to remove it made me think twice before applying it. I like to believe I have mastered the best way to remove my makeup, without too much hassle, and that leaves my face feeling super soft afterwards. So I figured I should share it with anyone that still didn’t find the best way. Finally, I will also show you what I do after I finish removing it which is usually around bedtime so in a sense will also be a bed time skin routine for the days that I apply makeup:

Purity 3-in-1 cleansing gel for face and eyes/ Extra virgin olive oil/ Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturiser


Step 1

I start by spreading my all time favourite oil- olive oil– all over my face to remove the makeup. Oils are great makeup removers especially olive oil since it is very fatty so it has the density to remove all types of make up very well.


I remove all my makeup in circular motion using my fingertips drenched with oil, in order to go very deep into the skin and take the makeup off my pores. It works very well for me and I have no issues with any makeup I wear. I use around one teaspoon of oil to remove all my makeup.

However, if you find a bit weird doing this part with your hands you can use your oil on a microfiber towel.


Step 2

I wet my face a bit (simply dampening my face without rinsing out the oil) in order to go to the second step of cleansing. I usually use the Purity 3-in-1 cleansing gel for face and eyes that is not so great as a cleanser for everyday use since I find it quite stripping, but as a makeup remover it works amazing.


Given the fact that I started with my oil, the process is easier since my makeup is basically already removed. Also, when I rinse the cleanser my face is not dry at all, like sometimes makeup removal process makes it feel.


Step 3

Lastly, I apply either my face moisturiser that I got at Sephora during my trip to Canada. It is the Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturiser cream that Ci talks about  here in her skin care routine post.


Or, if I take my makeup off at night to get ready for bed,  I just apply again another heavy hand (around a teaspoon) of olive oil to restore moisture to my face and I am all done. We usually do this routine  before bed since we mostly wear makeup in special occasions that are usually at night, so I am very heavy handed on the olive oil. That is actually a trick used by Pharrell Williams (which I am all for, since he looks 18 and is actually 100 lol) to put a heavier amount of skin oils in the face for bed since is whilst we are sleeping that our skin has time to restore itself, so the more help the better. Doing this I always wake up with my face refreshed and soft!


Thanks Pharrell!

Hopefully, these tips helped you and removing your makeup stops being the pain it usually is. As always, comment down below any questions or suggestions you may have and we will do our best in answering them for you!xx

Elle (L)

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8 thoughts on “How I Remove My Makeup: Super Simple Tutorial

  1. Tai

    Wow I have to try olive oil never thought about using it. Sometimes I would use pure Vaseline but it seemed to be too heavy for my face. Will have to try this technique.

    Great tips.


    1. diElleci

      Thank you so much Tai!

      We’re so glad you liked it. We never used vaseline on our faces because of the petroleum jelly in it, so olive oil may be a great swap for you.
      Hopefully you’ll get amazing results as well!


  2. Milana

    Olive oil has so many uses. I have heard some folks mixing honey with olive oil too for a facial moisturiser.

    Loving these tips.


    1. diElleci

      Hi Milana,

      That’s a great idea of mixing it with honey. We really love household items because they can be so versatile. We will give honey and olive oil a try. Thanks for the tip!


    1. diElleci

      Hi Marlene,

      Thank you so much. We’re so glad you liked this post! To be honest, in the beginning I used to prop my face up as I would go to bed, but since anyways I end up rolling around I don’t do that anymore. But it makes no difference since the oil is already on your face. I do have to make sure to constantly wash the pillowcase, but I would do that regardless. Personally, I do not feel any greasiness.


  3. Karana

    Olive oil is the best. Your hair is looking gorgeous. How many weeks post relaxer are you? Do you use any vitamins, castor oil, wigs, etc. to get/maintain your hair’s thickness?


    1. diElleci

      Hi Karana,

      Thank you so much! Olive oil is one of my favorite household items, so versatile! I am about 3 weeks post relaxer and have always had really thick hair. Aside from occasionally applying castor oil on the roots, there aren’t any steps I take that the main role is to maintain hair thickness.


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