OOTD: ActiveWear

Hi Guys!

Spring is upon us, so it’s time to ditch our heavy clothes and enjoy some fun in the sun. This means more outside activities and more happiness inside (at least for me, I HATE winter lol).

So it is no surprise why active wear is everywhere these days. I am always for trends that are comfortable and that’s why the activewear trend is more than welcome to me, so check out how I rock it.

I’d like to mention that most active wear, unfortunately, is quite expensive, so I made sure to wear super affordable pieces since you don’t (and shouldn’t really) have to break the bank to look comfy:

I started my look with my go-to crop top that I got from Primark for 2.50 pounds! I love it because it fits nicely and it is a such a great base for any outfit, from casual to fancy.


I opted for my favourite pants from Zara, given that I don’t really like to go all the way with active wear and wear gym leggings, so I opted for these! I also paired my look with this jacket from Nike (the only real active wear in my look) that I love since the inside is quite funky.


As for the star of my outfit I am wearing these trainers from Primark that cost 12 pounds! I love them not only because they are cheap but they are also very comfortable! I am a true believer that wasting money on gym apparel for an everyday lifestyle is quite silly, so I love these trainers that give the look I was going for, without the hefty price tag.


I really love this outfit since is amazing for running errands or a casual stroll in the park. Even better, for an all black outfit it delivers on texture with a bit of a kick to it, don’t you think?


Bomber Jacket- Nike (gift)

Crop Top- Primark (£2.50)

Jeggings- Zara (£19.99)

Trainers- Primark (£12)

Hope you liked it as much as I did. Comment down below if you are loving this trend or if you find it silly!

See ya,

-Elle (L)

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