How To Wear Bright Lipsticks: Dark Skin Tones

Hi, guys!

With the evolution of the beauty industry, there’s a million different types and shades of lipsticks out there that enhance each skin tone and are fit for any occasion. However, sometimes, it’s easy to think that some lip shades weren’t made with my dark skin tone in mind. At times I feel like I can’t follow a few of the trends because the colors simply look too bright and unflattering in contrast with my dark skin.

Our skin tone isn’t a good enough reason for us, women of color, not to follow trends; we simply have to adapt the trends to make it work for us as well. Today, I’m going to show you how you can rock a classic red lip, nudes, and bright colors:


Start by hydrating your lips

The trick to wearing any lip shade from the rainbow that you can think of, is a lip liner that is a shade that matches your skin tone, for me, the lip liner of choice is MAC’s Chestnut lip liner. A cheaper alternative would be Colourpop’s lip liner in the shade Pitch or Rimmel’s liner in the shade Coffee Bean.

Use the lip liner to line the outside of your lips and leave the center bare so that you don’t alter the lipstick’s true colour. You can always fill your entire lips if you’d like to darken the lipstick a bit.


Since there isn’t a transition between your skin tone and the lipstick colour, without a lip liner, red lipsticks may give you a clown-like appearance:


After you line the outside of your lips, add the lipstick to the center and with your fingers (or lips), mix the two colours to create a smooth ombré effect between the two colours:


You’ll end up like this!

On the lips: Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in the shade 107



The same thing occurs with nude lipsticks, therefore, you have to create a transition between the two colours. If you don’t have a lipliner available, you can use your foundation to create a transition between both colours (your skin colour and the lipstick colour)

1. Put a bit of foundation on your lips


2. Put your nude lipstick on top of your foundation

And voilá!

On the lips: MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in the shade Whirl


Due to the contrast of your dark skin, any colour tends to look brighter and sort-of neon-like; so it gets even harder to wear colours that actually already are very bright by themselves:


Start with the outside of your lips lined with the lip liner close to your skin shade and then put the bright-coloured lipstick on the center of your lips:


After that, on top of the lip liner close to your skin shade, go over it with a lip liner in the same colour or similar to the lipstick colour:


If you’re wearing a liquid lipstick (like me), use your fingers to mix the two colors of the liners instead of using your lips, because matte liquid lipsticks tend to dry very quickly. If you use your fingers, you can mix both lipliner colours with ease.


After you mix both colours, you should look like this:

On the lips: Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lipliner in the shade 22


Hope you enjoyed and that you saw that your skin tone should not stop you from following the trends that you find beautiful. If you follow any of these tips, take a picture and tag us on instagram ( so we can see how gorgeous you look!

Stay beautiful,

-Di (D) 


14 thoughts on “How To Wear Bright Lipsticks: Dark Skin Tones

  1. Carmalita

    Wow and amazing the importance of using a lip liner in the before and after pictures are proof. So beautiful you and your sisters should be in fashion week or something. Gorgeous and helpful article. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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