SOS Dielleci: Hair Breakage!

Hi Guys!!!

Going through hard times sucks, but something that seems not to suck as much, is going through hard times as a group. Every time you start anything, you are bound to at least go through some sort of a setback and something that helped us go through them was the fact that we have each other!

So as a new sort of series, we will start hosting “SOS Dielleci”- where we will share a setback/worry any of you pronounced in the comments and we will try to help you, as well as if we went through anything, we will share our story (with photos for good laughs) on how we overcame them, given the fact that things are easier when shared.

For our first post, we will talk about one of the issues of any hair journey, which is excessive breakage! Many of you have commented that you have this problem and you worry that it is affecting your hair growth. Luckily excessive hair breakage is something that I went through (which I consider the biggest setback in my hair journey) and I was able to overcome it, so I will share a bit of my story and then follow up on helping you!

Hope this helps:

In the beginning of my hair journey, I will say around the fourth month (after the first time I relaxed my hair in my hair journey) I started to see excessive breakage. Excessive breakage for me meant that every time I touched my hair I would see very short strands of hair in my hands or in the comb, as well as on my clothes, my pillow case and my scarf. I did not know what I was doing wrong, so I just kept doing my routine, but after about 2 weeks, any length that I retained in the 4 months that I was in the journey was gone and then some!

I remember I was still living by myself in London at that time and I called Ci crying (I know, but I am not afraid to tell you, I cried over hair) saying that my hair was gone and that I was over this hair journey. I still remember Ci saying that I was overreacting and then I showed her this picture below and she literally couldn’t say anything to make me feel better (lol!)

I Know! This was me on April 2013!

So I quickly googled my butt off for weeks until finally, I figured out what happened; now I can tell you how I fixed it. So any of you going through this, take a break, cry about it if you need and let’s go!


Short strands, basically strands that are shorter than your length (a way to see if it’s breakage and not shedding is to look at the start of the strand, if there is no white bulb which is the root of the hair, then it is breakage) everywhere that your hair touches, be it your hands, clothes, pillows, scarfs, hats, combs, etc.


There are many causes of hair breakage, the most common is dryness of the hair due to not taking care of your hair with treatments, improper relaxing as well as not taking care of your new growth when stretching, too much heat or harsh manipulation such as, too tight braids or over-combing your hair.

Since I was on a hair journey full on by then, my cause was not any of the above since I stopped doing all that. Actually, what I was experiencing was protein overload. Protein overload is when you do too many protein treatments (such as treatments with Keratin, egg, mayonnaise, bananas) and your hair can’t take so much (since our hair is made out of protein, too much of it makes it so strong that it actually breaks off since there is no elasticity). Due to the coarseness of my hair, I actually have quite a lot of protein in my strands already so I was doing protein treatments more than I needed. In order to check if you have protein overload is to feel your strands, if they feel very hard, almost with a texture like hay, you most likely have protein overload.


For the common causes for breakage, the cure is to start hydrating your hair with treatments and moisturising and sealing, properly relaxing your hair and making sure your new growth when stretching, is properly hydrated by doing things such as spritzing a moisturiser directly on your new growth every 2 days, avoiding heat and not manipulating your hair as much- so in the case of braids making them looser and in the case of combing minimising combing to only your wash days, the rest of the days just use your fingers!

Now for my mistake which is protein overload, cut back on your protein treatments to about once a month. Make sure that any other time, the treatments and products you put in your hair have little to no protein (check the ingredient list).

However, if you are in my drastic situation you need more drastic measures. In my case, I started by first starting with my hair fresh by washing it with a sulphate shampoo and then following it with a hydrating (zero protein) treatment. Then after, every 2 days I would put a non-protein conditioner on my hair (my choice was our fave Hello Hydration) and with a shower cap I would leave it on my hair for about 1 hour and then wash it off. It took about 2 weeks of doing that for my hair not to feel like hay and from then on, I just stay away from hard protein treatments except for when I am about to relax and when I relax (click here to see why).

Now, this was me Feb, 2016

Hope you like our new series and most importantly you understand you are not alone in your setbacks; you have just gained 3 new sisters, and we are here not only to help you out, but to share with you, our past and new experiences, no matter how embarrassing they are, and how we overcame them (or are working on overcoming them).

Now comment down below any SOS requests you would like for us to talk about next or any questions you may still have from this one (such as being more thorough on the other reasons for hair breakage).

Also don’t forget that setbacks/problems that we are willing to discuss don’t have to only be hair related, comment down below (or through email if you are shy) any other area that we also talk about in this blog (university life, living abroad, makeup, self-esteem, family,finances, love, etc.) and we will do our best to answer your SOS!

Hopefully this was helpful to you,


-Elle (L)



23 thoughts on “SOS Dielleci: Hair Breakage!

  1. Cara

    This is so helpful you don’t know it…I too experienced protein overload the other day and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what it was. The culprit was using too much coconut oil. I do use it but I only add it to my conditioners now for some reason using coconut oil to seal everyday or using too much of it sent my hair over the edge. I’ll try your method with the hello hydration or the aussie moist conditioner.

    Great idea with the SOS Dielleci series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Cara!

      A good point that I forgot to add! Thanks for stating that!
      Coconut oil can be drying if you live in colder weather, since in its normal temperature it is a solid.

      Do try it out and I hope it works for you!

      Good Luck


  2. Patricia

    Exciting SOS Dielleci series. Love it. Future series topics for me would include “How to handle matted and tangled hair”, “How to have a good wash day in less than an hour” ( my wash day takes forever :-)) Another one…”How to have your makeup stay fresh all day” Whenever I see you or your sisters makeup it’s like looking in a magazine it’s so fresh.

    Love the blog and post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Carmen

    Loving the series. Your hair has grown so much and is my hair goal. It’s so healthy what is the current length looks like past BSL or Midback with waist length not too far away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Carmen!
      So glad that you liked our idea!

      I am not too sure my exact length right now since it has been a while that we straightened it but I sure hope it is around BSL (lol)

      Thank you so much for commenting!



  4. Braune

    Excellent tips and very useful. For me it was so easy to get a protein overload I had so many products that indicated “strengthening” and failed to read the ingredients. I still use a little protein but in moderation and now read the ingredients carefully and look for more products that say “hydrating” and/or moisturising”.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Carmen

    Love the idea for the SOS Dielleci series. Very creative. Topic idea – how to cope or not be too homesick while living and/or attending university abroad.


  6. Stephana

    Thanks for the breakage tips recently had a setback it is so easy to get protein overload now I know how to recover from it. Beautiful hair and blog.


  7. Natacha

    Hi! I just came across your blog and Im very happy that I did. Most blogs only address the natural hair journey so it is nice to see some good advice on relaxed hair as well!
    Regarding this post, I think I might be experiencing some “protein overload”.
    Could you please suggest some moisturising and sealing products and how often to apply them. I have been mosturising and sealing my hair on a daily basis, do you think thats too much?
    Thank you and keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Natacha!

      So glad you are finding it helpful and liking it! It keeps us motivated to continue 🙂

      My all time favourite conditioner to fix protein overload is the herbal essences hello hydration conditioner and not only makes your hair soft it is cheap so you can use a lot of it.
      For oils use any you like to seal, just avoid coconut oil until your hair feels better again since coconut oil seals protein in your hair, which is nice but not so nice if you are experiencing protein overload!

      Yes you can moisturise and seal daily, as long as you feel your hair needs it, but if you feel like your hair is actually quite moist and soft, just skip it for the next day. I usually moisturise and seal every day for the exception of wash days (my wash days are Sunday and Wednesday).

      Thank you so much for commenting and hopefully you get through this misstep!



      1. Natacha

        Hi again, thank you so much for your reply. Although, I have one more question, if you dont mind.
        I have seen a table you posted about your hair routine and noticed that you only shampoo your hair once a month. Can you tell me which day you choose to do it and whether it is on the same day you deep condition?

        Thank you 🙂


      2. diElleci

        Hi Natacha!

        No worries, ask as many questions as you have 🙂

        We wash our hair once a month with a sulphate shampoo (we love the ORS one) on our Sunday wash day and we follow with a protein treatment (the only time we use a protein treatment, so we do protein treatments once a month). The following Sundays we clean our hair with either a non-sulphate shampoo or a cleansing conditioner and follow that with a moisturising treatment or conditioner.

        Hope that answered your question



      3. Natacha

        Hi girls, thank you for your time, patience and explanation 🙂
        I will definitely get back to you if I have any other questions!


        Liked by 1 person

  8. irishmom

    Raw egg DOES work to strengthen your hair from breakage. I just take 2 raw eggs and mix them with my shampoo. Cover your head with a shower cap and wait for 30 minutes before rinsing the mixture off with lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo. It is a bit gross and mess but it does work.

    I used to have breakage all the time, but I changed two things and now I dont get breakage: (1) I started using the Egg method I mentioned above, and (2) I now ALWAYS use the Shielo Leave in Protectant right when I get out of the shower. It makes my hair smell GREAT and it protects my hair from heat. NO MORE BREAKAGE FROM THESE TWO METHODS.


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