Cleaning our Makeup Brushes

Hi guys!!

If you’re like us, you love makeup and you love all of the looks and transformations that you can create, however, there is a necessary but annoying step that unfortunately comes with all that fun, and that, as you can probably tell from the title is: cleaning your makeup brushes. It’s super important because otherwise the bacteria and dirt that builds up in the brush can clog your pores and cause acne. Also maintaining your brushes in good shape helps in making them last longer. Like I said, this is an important step, but it’s not fun, so we try to do this, the fastest and simplest way possible.

So here are the super simple things that we do in order to clean our makeup brushes:

  • You’ll need a container with some warm water and some dish soap or your cleansing makeup remover (with no exfoliating microbeads):


I prefer to use dish soap because it’s way cheaper than the makeup remover and works the same way, but feel free to choose one or the other. If for any reason you don’t happen to have any of the two products mentioned, you can also use baby shampoo or a gentle shower gel, preferably for babies.

  • In the container with warm water, put a quarter of a teaspoon’s worth, literally a drop is enough, of dish soap (or whichever cleansing product you chose):


  • Take one of the dirty brushes and with the brush bristles touching the bottom of the container (without putting too much pressure), make circular motions until the brushes get clean. When the water gets too dirty, repeat the first steps until the brushes get as good as new:



When all the brushes are clean, repeat the steps above in a container with warm water but without any dish soap, just the water, to rinse out the brushes and remove all of the soap.

  • When you’re done, let the brushes dry on a towel for several hours, preferably overnight. Once in a while, while they’re still damp, mold the bristles so that they keep their original shape:


We don’t wear makeup that often, the most that we wear it is twice in a week. However, it depends on the plans that we have during that week; if we’re filming a makeup tutorial for you guys or if we’re going out, we’ll wear makeup, if not, we don’t. So in a usual month, we might wear it 5 or 6 times, so we usually wash our brushes once a month or whenever we feel that the colours of the shadows and whatnot aren’t as pigmented as we would like them to be.


Washing your makeup brushes regularly, cleaning your phone, changing your pillowcases frequently are ways to prevent acne and maintain your skin clean and clear, so don’t slack on that. If you want to know the steps that we do in our skincare routine, feel free to click here. If you wear makeup with more frequency than us, I don’t suggest you wash them every week but you should, at least, wash them twice a month so that you don’t damage the bristles of your brushes but still keep everything nice and tidy.

I hope you found this post useful and that you liked it, comment below how many times a week or month you typically wear makeup and if you use the same technique for washing your brushes as we do.


-Di (D) 



5 thoughts on “Cleaning our Makeup Brushes

  1. Mary

    I wear makeup only on special occasions perhaps once a month. Great tips although I always forget to wash them. This post reminds me of the importance of doing so in order to avoid acne.

    Question: How would you rate the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Gentle Softening Wash shown on your Instagram. It looks devine and think I would have to try it out.


    1. diElleci

      Hi Mary!

      Yes, even if you don’t wear makeup often, it is still important.

      We would rate the Dark and Lovely 9/10 since our only criticism is that is not all natural (which is really not a problem for us hence the high score) and the fact that you feel the need to use a bit too much each time, so we go through it faster than other products. Aside from that we love it, it is a great non-sulfate wash for those wash days that your hair is not really dirty. So do try it out!



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