1 Conditioner-4 Uses

Hi Guys!

Sometimes it’s hard to deal with all the information for hair care, and on top of that it seems like too much money is being spent. Our purpose of helping you guys out, aside from motivating you to take care of your hair and achieving your hair goals, is also saving, at least more than when you went to the hair salon.

This post is for the girls that need to save but also want to be in the hair journey squad. It is also for the girls that don’t have much storage space, such as the girls still in uni with small dorm rooms.

So here you have it, how you can use the same conditioner for the 4 steps necessary for a successful hair journey (check out here for a table to know exactly these 4 steps):

You will start by using your chosen cheapie conditioner, the one we love is Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. Other options are L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care Power Moisture Hydrating Conditioner   or even the V05 range. It does not really matter which one, as long as it does not have too much protein in the ingredients.

Here it is how you can use it:

1.Hair Moisturiser

hair moisturiser

To hydrate your hair, you need a hair moisturiser or leave-in conditioner to give back moisture to your hair.

To turn a conditioner into a moisturiser, simply add water to it. You will need a spray bottle (it does not need to be something like ours, it can be just an old conditioner bottle), 60% conditioner and 40% water.

mix ms

And there you have it, your own customised hair moisturiser!




 This is the simple way, given that you won’t have to do anything to it to use it. Simply midweek (as seen in the table here) jump in the shower, drench your hair with water, put conditioner on your hair, continue with your shower as you leave the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes and then wash it out. And that’s it!

3.Moisturising Treatment

moisturizing treatment

 Weekly (usually on the weekends) you need to give some TLC to your hair. Specifically, give back moisture to your hair.

To turn your conditioner into a moisturising treatment simply add an oil. You will need a bowl, around 3-4 tablespoons of conditioner and 1 tablespoon of oil. My favourites are olive oil (of course) and castor oil. Another good one is coconut oil, however you will need to heat it up a bit so that it can become liquid (around 5 seconds in the microwave).

mix hidratante


Mix it up and there you have it:


4.Protein Treatment

protein treatment

You shouldn’t do this as often as a moisturising treatment in order to avoid protein overload (around once a month); protein treatments are super important to fully restore your strands.

In order to transform a conditioner into a protein treatment you simply need to add a protein rich ingredient. The most recommended is either a banana, an egg or my pick which is an avocado. If you find that the mixture is too heavy, add some honey, which I did. So you will need a mixing bowl, around 3-4 tablespoons of conditioner, 1/2 banana/egg/avocado and 1 tablespoon of honey to soften the mixture.


And there you have it!


Hope these tips help you save more, given that our hair journey tips are aimed at achieving your hair goals, not leading you to declare bankruptcy!

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Good luck!


-Elle (L)



27 thoughts on “1 Conditioner-4 Uses

  1. Rosa

    Great tips so useful loving your blog. Also loving your sister’s tattoo on Instagram…ooops just realized you mentioned it’s her eyeliner…who knew ;-). Loving the purple makeup so beautiful and what is the name of the lilac/purple nail polish it’s the third or fourth picture from left on your Instagram.(i.e. pic with hands holding the coffee cup).


    1. diElleci

      So glad that you are loving the blog! It motivates us to keep on sharing!

      Haha! Yes the infamous tattoos us girls always make in our hands when we are applying makeup lol!

      Oooh, I wish I knew what the name was, I did it at the nail shop since it was my birthday so forgot to ask. However, I will try to text the girl and ask her for you

      Thank you so much for commenting!



  2. Kai

    Wonderful tips. I agree too this post is very helpful and effective in helping to save money on hair products.

    Question… How do you moisturize and seal your ends when you wear a bun during the week? Do you take down the bun each day then moisturize and seal or do you spray the hair and around the bun and then spray again with the oil to seal. I am trying to reduce manipulation during the week and wondered how to moisturize and seal when wearing a bun. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Kai!

      So glad you found it helpful!

      It is a mixture of the two options you stated, so if I wear a bun for a whole week, in the day right after wash day I don’t moisturise it since it was in a bun, but the next day I will and then the next day I will just spray around it.

      Since you are trying to minimize manipulation, try doing the damp bun method. Meaning, after wash day, don’t let your hair dry completely (around 60-70% dry) and do a bun. Since it was damp and you tied it, the moisture will be in your hair for a lengthier period and you will get away with not moisturising for an extra day or two.



  3. Lukénia

    Olá, gostei muito do post mas queria deixar uma sugestão: faze-lo também em português. Sei que será mais trabalhoso, mas creio que tal como eu, tenha outras meninas angolanas por aqui, por mais que algumas entendam, é sempre uma mais valia…contudo, vosso trabalho esta muito bem feito e vê -se que o fazem com todo carinho, continuem assim. Bejinhos

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Olá Lukénia!

      Nós temos o blog em versão portuguesa: http://www.diellecipt.com
      Ou se quiseres é só clicares onde diz “para o blog em português” que vai estar se tiveres no teu telefone mais em baixo ou se tiveres no teu computador no canto a direita.

      Beijinhos e obrigada!!



  4. Rachel

    So informative! This is fast becoming one of my favourite blogs!

    One question. Can you add the honey to the moisturising treatment as well? On top of the oil?


    1. diElleci

      Hi Rachel!

      So happy to hear that! That motivates a lot, thank you 🙂

      Yes you can add honey as well to the moisturising treatment, however, remember that honey has the tendency to lighten the hair if used constantly, so if you don’t want that, keep that in mind

      Thanks for commenting!



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