Hair Myths Unveiled

Hey guys!

I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot of lies about hair. Whether you heard it from your friend, neighbour, or even your hair stylist, I’m going to clarify the ones that I hear the most not only as entertainment but also as an insight for any of you that want to be more educated on hair care. Here it goes and I hope you enjoy:

1. “You need to be mixed with something to have long hair”

I don’t even know how many people, here on the blog, on social media, or even in person, have asked us what our parents race is because of the length of our hair. A lot of people, that are also black, doubted us and thought that our hair was just weave. Unfortunately, we also thought this way (before the hair journey) and we believed that people of our skin tone could only have hair up to their shoulders, max. I still remember, that it was when we saw that a 100% black blogger with long hair (Hairlicious), that we really gave our all to our routine and gained hope to possibly have hair as long as we ever wanted. I hope that as you get familiar with our blog, you realize that these assumptions are nothing but lies: Anyone, regardless of their race, can have hair as long as they want, given that they properly take care of it of course.

2. “Our hair won’t grow past a certain length”

Hair grows from the scalp,and the natural oils that our scalp naturally produces, are what helps to keep it moisturised and healthy. Due to the coarseness of our hair, the oils have a harder time travelling down from our roots to our ends. So, generally, our ends become dehydrated because of lack of moisturising oils and because of that they become dry and brittle. What happens is, our hair never stops growing (unless you have health problems), it simply breaks off (due to lack of moisture) at the same rate that it grows, which is why you never seem to notice any difference in length as time goes by.

This myth is in a way related to the previous one. Since people of different races have hair that is naturally straighter than ours, so their natural oils are able to travel faster and easier from root to tip. That’s why people of different races don’t have to add as much moisture to their hair as we do because their bodies do it for them.

3. “You can’t use product x, unless you have naturally straight hair”

Hair, in general, is made up of the same things, the only thing that varies is texture and density. For anybody’s hair to grow (regardless of texture or density), it needs to be moisturized. As long as a product contains water (preferably as the first ingredient) or any other moisturising ingredients, it can be used on anybody’s hair. Now, you need to have in mind that each product serves a purpose. If you have straight hair (naturally, relaxed or straightened) and you try to use products that are meant to define curls and kinks, then you most likely won’t have the desired result, so I don’t suggest you try these products, but your hair won’t fall off just because of that.

4. “My hair grows faster when I leave it alone”

Depending on how you look at it, this can be considered true or false. A lot of manipulation isn’t good for the hair, but completely leaving it alone isn’t good for it as well. For our hair to grow healthily, it needs to be well moisturized, so if you wear weaves or any hair extensions and you completely ignore your hair for 3 months, without moisturizing it, deep conditioning, adding oils to your scalp, then you can’t expect good results. Your hair will grow, but as soon as you even think about combing it, it will start to break off. That’s why a lot of times, you may notice a length difference, then you go to a salon and you see that your hair is even shorter than it was before you had hair extensions. (Don’t worry, we’ll soon have a post on how to take care of your hair with hair extensions).

5. “You have to take hair vitamins or pills for your hair to grow”

Your hair grows regardless of what you do, so that means that by taking pills you are just paying for something to do what your body would have done on its own (of course I am excluding people with any nutrient deficiency). I don’t like pills in general and I don’t think that self-medicating yourself is something you should do, especially for something as silly as hair. If you think that your hair grows too slowly or if you want to enhance your hair growth a little, then you can “take vitamins” through your food. Try to improve your diet by adding more fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, etc., drink more water, exercise a little more; those are all steps that can help you stimulate hair growth. If you want to know a few more steps, click here.

6. “Your hair will fall off if you stay too long without relaxing”

As you may probably already know, the thing that helped us the most with hair growth was deep conditioning and stretching our relaxers. Unfortunately, a lot of people still believe that if they stay more than a month without relaxing, then their hair will start to break off, which is a total lie. As I’ve said a million times, but I’ll say once more, our hair needs to be moisturised to grow. The kinkier your hair texture is, the harder it will be for the natural oils in your scalp to reach your ends, so, moisturising your hair in any state is important, but it is crucial when you are a lot of weeks post relaxer.

7. “You can’t get your hair wet after you get a relaxer”

This one always makes me laugh, because before the hair journey when I used to get a fresh relaxer, I would stay at least two weeks or so without running, walking, swimming, going near the sun, only showering from the neck down, basically not moving, all because I thought that if water or sweat or any liquid, touched my hair, it would ruin my relaxer and my hair would be natural again lol. When you relax your hair, you are permanently changing the texture of your hair, so even if it rains and your hair gets drenched two seconds after relaxing it, it will never be as it was before you relaxed it. If you want to know how I relax my hair at home, click here.

8. “You have to get regular trims for your hair to grow faster”

Like I said before, your hair grows from the scalp so anything you do to it on your ends won’t have any effect on the growth of your hair. Cutting your hair and getting trims is important and it should be done, as you can see in this post, but it’s not something that will kill you if you don’t do every single month. I cut my hair every time I straighten it (around 3 or 4 times a year) or every time I notice that I’m getting split ends.

9. “You can’t wash your hair too much or your hair will get weak and break off”

That’s false, but at the same time true. Like I said here, our hair needs moisture and protein, so the more you wash it, the more you’ll have to alternate between the two. If you wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week, but you only use moisturising products and deep conditioners, after a while your hair will become “too soft” and weak, but all you need to do is use a protein product or deep conditioner and your hair will be back to normal. You don’t need to lower the amount of times you wash your hair, just alternate between protein and moisture more often.

10. “After you wash your hair, you have to straighten it or your hair will break off”

No, no, no! Have you imagined what it would be like to straighten your hair multiple times in one week? You hair would be more than damaged and your wallet (if you went to a salon) would hate you. All you need to do, is use a leave-in conditioner and let your hair either air-dry as it is, or braid it, or put it in a bun (not too tight) and your hair (and wallet) will thank you. If you want, we can do a post showing you everything we do on wash day.

11. “You need to go to a professional hair stylist for your hair to grow”

A lot of people still think that if they don’t go consistently to a hair salon, their hair doesn’t have any chance of growing. That’s not only a lie but a tactic to make you feel dependent so you always go back to spend your money. We haven’t been in a salon in a little over 3 years and if you follow our blog and our tips, we’ll help you do that as well.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something and that next time someone is telling you a hair lie that you will tell them to come read this post (lol). If you think I forgot any myth, leave it down in the comment section and tell us how you found out it was only a lie.

As always don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and on our Facebook page, to connect with us and get to know us a little more.


-Di (D)



14 thoughts on “Hair Myths Unveiled

  1. Mary A

    Love this post Another one I heard is that only natural hair grows, when i can attest that my relaxed hair grows as well as yours and all beautiful ladies on social media. Great post!


    1. diElleci

      Hi Mary!

      Yes I agree with you, all types of hair grow, now it is up to every individual’s discretion to decide how it grows, but you are right with care all hair grows.



  2. Sonia

    Loving your blog and these hair myths. Yes please do a post showing us everything you do on your wash day and end it with how you do a simple bun. Great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Sonia!
      Thanks for the added request! We will definitely do a wash day and add the simple bun at the end, thanks for that!

      So glad you are loving the blog! Keep the requests coming! 🙂


  3. Lisa

    I was one of those who didn’t want to get my hair wet after a relaxer. Especially after spending so much money and time in the salon (i.e. 2 or more hrs) doing my hair I had to make sure to keep it salon flawless and fresh :-).

    Now I know better that your hair will remain fresh by having a good wash although sometimes just sometimes I still slip up by washing about 10-14 days after a relaxer. Ha! Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Haha! Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Old habits are hard to die so even to this day on the first week post-reIaxer I am a bit extra on not getting my hair wet. We grew up with these myths so its more than normal that it will be hard to fully grow out of them!

      Thanks for sharing


  4. Nina

    This is amazing because the myth that I was kinda following without realizing was thinking my hair would grow faster if left alone. For the past 5 mths I would only moisturize maybe once or twice a week, piling on products like crazy with less frequent washes due to winter. Yeah I know too many excuses huh….the end result my air only grew 1/2 inch. I was so upset with myself since I know if had taken proper care I could have at least 1-2 inches of growth. I know better next time right. 🙂

    Thanks for debunking these myths, so helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Nina!
      So glad the post was helpful!
      Yes we feel you, thinking that the less we manipulate the best it will grow it is actually a solid thought, the issue is our hair is so dry and easy to break off that I think this method its definitely not for us:(
      Anyways, lesson learned and hopefully now you will reach your goals!

      Good luck!


  5. Eva

    Thanks for clearing up these myths. Great idea too to have a future post on everything that you do on a typical simple wash day. I know I am using way too many products and looking for products that I can use as both a leave in and daily moisturizer to cut my stash.

    Loving your blog very helpful. Love the hair journey schedule table too very useful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Eva!
      So glad you are finding it helpful! Yes we will definitely do a post on our wash day as well as posts on cutting your products stash, that is actually very important not only for storage issues but also to save our money!

      Thanks for sharing


  6. Dr. Sheri

    Hello everyone. I discovered this blog about two months ago, after i suffered serious hair lose during pregnacy and even afterwards.
    I feel so ashamed to have been this ignorant about hair care despite the fact i love long hair.
    Thanks alot for the infor, this site is indeed a breath of fresh air.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      We feel so happy that you are enjoying it!!
      You have nothing to be ashamed of, given that unfortunately misinformation of black hair care is basically part of our culture. Hopefully, we will all get educated as time goes by and research grows on our hair type!
      Good luck on your journey and thank you for sharing!


  7. Kyndrial Magee

    I really love this blog. Before my hair starting breaking off (guilty of not taking proper care of it) a lot of people use to ask me was i mixed with something, or was my hair weave. It use to annoy me so much, but I am going to the beautician every two weeks so my hair is almost the length it use to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Kyndrial!
      Yes it is a very common thought that people just don’t believe you can be just black and also have long hair, hopefully now we can all prove them wrong!

      Good luck with your hair journey and hopefully you get back to your length!


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