Hair Journey Schedule Table

Hi Guys!!

So you guys know our story (here), know what we do to it and with what (here) and the steps that you should take to start off yours (here). Now it’s time to organize it all in a schedule if you really want to take your hair routine to the next level.

So here you have a hair journey schedule of how we grew our hair from neck length to bra strap.Our advice, use it as an inspiration and adapt it to your lifestyle, budget, and context or just use it as it is!

So here you have it:

slide1 2

If you are the type of girl that loves tables and prefers a more detailed approach, here is the schedule in Excel: Journey Table

Leave down below any questions you may have from the table as well as any requests for posts!

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We wish you all the luck!


-Di.Elle.CI (DLC)


14 thoughts on “Hair Journey Schedule Table

    1. diElleci

      Hi Kyndrial!

      Not necessarily, we just increased the amount of water we drink a day (around 8 glasses a day) and watched what we ate in the sense of more vegetables, fruits and protein. We still eat fast food, we just minimize it (about once every weekend or even less) and make sure in our house there is always healthy options.



  1. Margarida

    Hi. Thank you for thr schedule table. I love it. I have 3 questions.
    1. On Wednesdays i just co-wash with deep condition? No deep condition afterwards and moisture and seal?

    2. Instead of doing my deep condition on Sundays i can do it on Saturdays right?

    3. The condition i use every other day besides the week i use a sulphate is the clarying shampoo?

    Thank you🙈😘


    1. diElleci

      Hi Margarida!

      So glad that the table was helpful to you!

      1- You co-wash with a conditioner so no shampoo just wet your hair, put some conditioner on, shower and then take it off. Afterwards (like you should do every time you wash your hair) put on a leave in conditioner and seal that moisture with an oil

      2- You can do whenever you want, most people choose Sundays since is the end of the weekend so they usually don’t have plans and they choose Wednesday since is midweek. But you can choose the days that work for you, just make sure there is some gap of a few days between the two wash days

      3- No a sulphate shampoo is the same as a clarifying shampoo. You can use the same deep-conditioner on every wash day that you deep condition

      Any other questions just let us know!!



  2. Chantelle

    Love this hair regimen schedule is amazing. It’s so helpful. Is there a moisturizing moisturizer that you use daily or alternate when using the coconut and hibiscus style milk? I love the coconut and hibiscus milk too but can’t use it everyday since it has in a little protein. Do you use the Kinky Curly Knot as a daily moisturizer too? Also how long did it take to go from APL to BSL?

    Best Wishes and Happy Easter


    1. diElleci

      Hi Chantelle!

      Yes we do use the kinky curly knot today as an alternative for the style milk. We usually use it after we finish washing our hair.
      It took us a year to get from APL to BSL, we had about 2 trims (around 1 inch each) within that period

      Thank you so much and happy easter for you too!!



  3. Soraia

    Hello, I liked the idea of the table but I have a doubt.. in the map you show that for three weeks you do a moisturising deep conditioner and one week a low protein, but then you say once a month you say to do a heavy protein.. how should it work?
    Thank you for your help!!



    1. diElleci

      Hi Soraia!

      For the monthly protein you either do a low protein (if your hair does not take to protein and easily gets protein overload) or heavy protein. Basically with time you will see how your hair responds with protein and from that you decide if that month you would do a heavy treatment or a lighter one.
      For me, my hair easily gets protein overload (that is usually the feature of hair textures that are coarser) so I usually do monthly low protein treatments and then when is in the month that I will relax, since you lose a lot of protein in that procedure, I opt for a heavier one. Like many other routines, it takes trial and error, so just see how your hair responds.




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