First Steps to Start your Hair Journey

Hi Guys!

So you finally went through all our posts about how we grew out our hair, you drooled and imagined what will be you in the future (here) and seen what we do to grow it this long (here)  and although our goal was to help you, you might be a bit (very) confused.

This is super normal, don’t be scared, we have been growing out our hair for a very long time (3+years) and our routine may seem overwhelming, so you may still feel like you need to position yourself to thoroughly follow what we do.

So today I will tell you the 10 steps to first do when you are finally ready to start your own hair journey!

So let’s begin!

1-Cut off the bad ends- The first step to get your hair going is by cutting off the bad ends, if that means 3 inches so be it. Some damage is so bad, that if you don’t do anything about it, it just keeps going higher and higher until it reaches your healthy hair, for example, split ends. A split end can be 1 cm long, but with manipulation and time, it will just keep on splitting more and more and affect the hair that isn’t split. When I got into my hair journey I was holding on to my raggedy ends, now looking back, I can see that all I was holding onto was damage, and in the end I ended up having to cut more than I would have if I had done it in the beginning. If you’re feeling confident, invest in good (and sharp) pair of hair cutting shears (regular paper cutting scissors are NOT the same) or go to a salon to get a professional hair cut.

2016-03-12 11.31.422- Moisturise and seal- Doing this at least every other day will make such a difference not only in the long run, but the first time you do it, your hair will smell nice (lol), feel so soft and moisturized and will shine in the light. If you are just starting out and don’t have time or money to get any new products, just use any conditioner you have, mix it with soft water and put in the ends only and seal it with any oil you have available to you, like olive oil. Now I use either Shea moisture curl and style milk or Kinky curly knot today mixed with water and I seal it with olive oil.

2016-03-12 11.33.12

3-Oils- These will be your new best friends, they can be used just about everywhere to be honest and they are amazing at protecting your hair from UV rays, hydrating your strands and keeping them strong as well as the conventional factor that they seal in the moisture that you put in your hair. Since I started my hair journey I ditched my face lotion and now use coconut or olive oil for my face; we also use both for cooking. The top oils I recommend are coconut oil (all-time favorite) and olive oil (cheap and amazing) or castor oil– start by using them to seal (as previously mentioned) and to make hot oil treatments (more on that on the blog later).

2016-03-12 11.35.36

4-Protect in bed/Protect outside- Your ends are the most vulnerable part of your hair since they are the oldest, so they are very easy to break off. Imagine, once upon a time, your ends were your roots and as the years went by, they were replaced and grew all the way to where they are now, so protect them. Everytime we comb our hair, straighten or do any style, our ends are manipulated. When I started growing out my hair I was veryyy extreme, which meant my ends never saw daylight, my hair was ALWAYS in a bun. You can do that as well, but my 2 older sisters weren’t as extreme as I was and their hair is just as long as mine. My advice is to protect your ends MOST of the time, but if you have somewhere fancy to go, don’t worry too much about it. Typically for me, I wear my hair in a protective style during the week (buns are my all time favourite) and on the weekends I play around with it and enjoy it. Some possible protective styles are buns, braids, weaves and wigs. Also, something you should do every day is always protect your hair at night when you sleep by using a silk or satin scarf  (make sure that your scarf is silk or satin, because materials like cotton suck out the moisture of your hair).

5-You are what you eat- You will only start seeing the results of this step in the long run, but when you do see it, it is very noticeable. Drink lots of water (I try to drink at least 8 glasses per day) and you will notice an immense growth of hair (everywhere though, sorry lol) as well as your nails. Your skin also will look healthier and clear up (what is good for the hair is good for the skin, so my hair journey made my skin super clear) and also try to eat well (as much as possible) and exercise regularly.

2016-03-12 11.40.26

6-Condition!- Conditioners will be your best friends, if you are feeling motivated to go to a hair shop or pharmacy and don’t know what should be the first thing to buy (or you have a budget), the thing you should be definitely buying is conditioner, you will use it aaaaall the time, from cowashing, deep conditioning, moisturizing, prepooing, and so on. So buy conditioner, which thankfully, most of them are very cheap. Such as the ones below that are the ORS Replenishing Conditioner or the Herbal Essences Moroccan my Shine or if you want to splurge our fave the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque.

2016-03-12 11.41.46

7-Stretch your relaxer/go natural- Basically stretch whatever damage you do to your hair and try to lower the amount of times you do it. You have to see your hair journey as a diet- if you really want to lose weight, although you don’t have to cut aaaall bad food from your diet since you still want a happy life (lol) you must admit it cannot be every day or even every week that you can eat freely and happily. So stretch your damage (or in extreme/personal cases exclude it completely); if you are relaxed, either go natural or stretch the time in between relaxer treatments. I used to relax my hair every month, now I relax every 3 to 4 months. If you dye your hair, it’s the same thing, either stretch more, stop it or change to semi-permanent colours (but still stretch it) and so on.

8-Avoid heat- This is probably the most conventional step since we all know that heat damages the hair by removing all of the moisture and making it dry and brittle, which can ultimately cause it to break off. When we started our hair journey, again, we were very extreme so we went 6 months straight without heat. I strongly advise that you wait at least 2 months (especially when you first start with your hair journey) and when you do use heat on it, use it properly (a very thorough post coming up). 

2016-03-12 11.43.53

9-Choose one type of damage- Basically choose your damage; before I started my hair journey, I was relaxing my hair and dyeing it black every month, so when I got serious with growing out my hair, I chose one of the damages. I completely stopped dyeing my hair and now I only relax it; which is funny because now I know that the reason that I used to hate my hair colour is because it was so damaged that it had this weird unhealthy brassy colour, but now it’s not like that anymore so I don’t miss my black hair that much.

10-Throw away any bad products (minerals, petroleum)- I never was so rigorous or cared much about the ingredients in the products that I put on my hair (super organic products are usually sooo expensive and at times not even that good). However, there are things that you need to worry about: if your products have petroleum, wax or mineral oil in them you should just toss it in the bin, it would only clog your pores which stalls hair growth. It will also coat your hair with this greasy film, not moisturise it properly and also it could cause breakouts.Try to find and use products with water as first ingredient (product ingredients are listed in the order of the amount that is in the actual product, so the first ingredient is what the product has the most of.)

2016-03-12 11.47.08

So these are the 10 steps that you should start doing if you are serious about changing your bad habits and starting a hair journey. It is also a helpful map for the girls that want a change in their hair routine but not an extreme and extensive one. If you are wondering if you won’t get the same results if you only choose to follow this list, don’t worry, it will just take you longer to achieve the results. For example, our eldest sister only does the bare minimum (she basically just follows this list), so her hair did not grow aggressively fast like ours, but she now achieved her goals. Her hair started at shoulder length and now she is past her bra strap in about 3 years (it took us from neck to bra strap in 3 years so you have an idea that for her it took longer since she started with longer hair).
Now if you want to be part of the extreme team, do all of these steps to start off your journey!
Comment down below any queries that you still may have and we will definitely do our best to answer them!
Wish you all the best of luck and hopefully we will all be rocking our beautiful and long hair soon!
Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more updates on our blog, see our hair in action and simply connect with us!
Good Luck!
-Elle (L)

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