Makeup Look: Brown on Brown

Hi ladies!

I’m loving the new trends as of lately, specifically the fact of going back to the 90s with ripped Mom Jeans, funky braided hairstyles and my favourite: makeup looks that are super neutral, especially in brown undertones!

The reason why I love this trend so much is not just because neutral colours show your beauty and face dimensions in a more simple and sophisticated way, but also for the first time, us girls with less ‘commercial’ skin tones, don’t have to struggle adapting for the trend since the trend is towards neutral colours, you should follow your own skin tones, so it looks good on just about anyone!

So here is a simple take on a neutral Brown makeup look on a Brown toned girl. A look that many of you loved on our Instagram when we posted a photo wearing it (here) and some of you requested us to recreate it.

So here it goes:

1-Like you always should, start with a clean face given that makeup is like a painting- you need a clean canvas.  I used my fave and super cheap moisturiser: olive oil! (I also love it for my hair!)

2016-03-12 09.52.04

2- I start by first applying my primer from Clinique and after I use my favorite foundation of all times from MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the colour NW55 with my Beauty Blender – for real the colour is so on point I think they were thinking of me as they made it!

2016-03-12 09.59.18

3- After, I go for my eyebrows! Given that it is a super simple look, I take my time in the brows for that flawless look. For my brows I go old school and use a eye pencil from MakeUp ForEver to fill them in and clean them up with my Smashbox high definition concealer in Dark

2016-03-12 10.08.10

4- With the same concealer, I use it under my eyes and on my nose in a very thin line all the way up to my forehead to enhance and bring light to my features.

5- Now I do a simple contour (I think I have quite a defined face shape so I don’t go overboard since I may look too masculine lol) with a darker foundation from Bobby Brown Foundation Stick in Espresso and with my beauty blender I blended everything into my skin for an even finish.

2016-03-12 10.18.13

6- I set the lighter part of my face (specifically where I concealed) with my setting powder from BlackUp Two Way Cake in TW12 and on the contoured part I bronze my face with my brozer from Guerlain in Terracota.

7-For the eyes, for a very simple look, I simply base them with my concealer and set them with the same setting powder from BlackUp and for definition in the crease I use my bronzer. Next, to enhance them more I use Embark from the MAC BurgundyX9 Eyeshadow Pallette. I finish the eyes with mascara from Benefit They’re Real to open them up.

8- For blush, although it looks so crazy in the package, it is actually very subtle and elegant on the skin and shimmer-free, which is a must to keep the neutral look going on; the blush is MAC Peony Petal.

2016-03-12 10.50.56

9- For the lips, that is going to get the look together, I started by applying foundation on my lips so the colours could pop and the transition to colour would look more natural.

Then I start by using my lip pencil from MAC in Chestnut. First, I line my lips, then I apply the liner all over, next I go over with NYX Matte lipstick in Maison and after that, I apply a MAC lipstick in the colour Antique Velvet on top of everything. To make the lipsticks even more matte, I go over them with the same BlackUp powder until they are super matte and stay in place!

And there you go!

2016-03-12 11.06.022016-03-12 11.08.02

The finished look is super neutral with brown tones that go beautifully with my skin tone, making it super sophisticated and effortless!

Remember, if you are not my skin tone, use neutral colours that go according to yours, so that might be more beige or pinkish, specially for your lipstick!

Hope you guys liked it and comment below the new makeup trends that you are loving right now!

2016-03-12 11.18.21

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See ya!

-Elle (L)

12 thoughts on “Makeup Look: Brown on Brown

  1. Lisa

    I am not surprised the brown on brown makeup look was so popular. It’s a very flattering look. You need to be my makeup guru. These tips and products will come in handy on my next trip to the MAC beauty counter :-).

    Liked by 1 person

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