My Relaxer Routine

Hi guys!

In the beginning of my hair journey, I used to completely depend on salons to get my hair relaxed. Even once, I had a really bad experience where it basically resulted in me getting a horrible chemical burn on my neck. The lady (I’m assuming because I obviously couldn’t see) applied the relaxer in a very sloppy manner (plus the fact that I used to get the relaxer applied from roots to tips didn’t help) and got some on my neck and left it there for about 45 minutes or so. Long story short, I was sporting a ridiculous (and disgusting) big chemical burn for the few following months.

I used to leave the relaxer on my head for such a long time; I thought that the way to know that it was “working” was if it started burning

(Note: you should NEVER feel any burning sensation or even that weird itchy feeling while you have a relaxer on your head. It will NOT give you better results in any way, it will only damage your scalp and hair. Please always use a timer and try not to exceed the suggested amount of time that is on the relaxer instructions. If you start experiencing these sensations, rinse the relaxer out IMMEDIATELY regardless if you relax your hair at home or not).

Now, I’m completley salon-free and haven’t been in one since 2012. Anyways, I relaxed my hair this weekend and I wanted to show you guys how I do it at home:

The week before my relaxer, I shampooed my hair with the ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo (here) and did a hard protein treatment with the Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment (here). The two-step treatment is very harsh (I’ll have a tutorial on how I use it soon) but my hair is not protein sensitive at all, so it handles hard protein treatments well, but I also sometimes use the ORS Hair Mayonnaise (here) which has a lot less protein, so if you feel that the two-step is too much for you, I suggest the hair mayo. This prepares my hair for the chemicals that I’m about to put in it on the following week, by ensuring that it is as strong as possible.

protein treatments.png
Protein treatments that I use on my hair, the week before my relaxer

During the week leading up to the day that I will relax, I moisturize and seal every day and make sure to oil my scalp at least twice in order to add a bit of protection to my scalp. I alternate between a protein moisturizer and a hydrating moisturizer, but I make sure to use CHI Keratin Mist (here) and seal with olive oil (here) on the day before my relaxer.

Protein leave-in spray used on the day before relaxer

On the day of the relaxer, I put vaseline (here) on my hairline, ears and neck to protect from any accidental spillage of the relaxer. Since I am texlaxed (I don’t relax bone straight, I like to leave a bit of texture in my hair), I also add a generous layer of vaseline to my scalp and ends. If I didn’t texlax, I would use a lighter oil (like olive or avocado oil) on my scalp but I would still put the vaseline to my ends and length of my previously relaxed hair, to protect them when I rinsed the relaxer out.

Vaseline used to protect hairline, ears, neck, scalp and ends from the relaxer

My hair has been matting a lot lately so I didn’t have the patience to deal with my new growth anymore. I relaxed at 11 weeks post (a little under three months but usually I wait 3 to 4 months) and I used the same relaxer that I have always used, even before my hair journey which is the ORS No-Lye Relaxer in Normal (here). Since Elle’s hair is thicker than mine, she uses the same relaxer in Extra Strength, so decide on which relaxer strength depending on the thickness and resistance of your hair. Before applying the relaxer, make sure to organise all of the tools you will need such as: a timer, gloves, wooden spatula (to mix the relaxer), towels, toilet paper (to remove any relaxer from places that it might have spilled), a protein conditioner and a neutralising shampoo. In my case, most of these (the ones underlined) came in the relaxer box.

My favourite relaxer to use

Since I’ve never lived alone before, Elle does my relaxer for me but Ci lives alone and she relaxes her own hair, but we still follow the same steps. Divide your hair into four (or more) sections, to keep the relaxer application organised and stress free. I like to start in the back because my hair in the front is of a looser pattern than the back, therefore in order for me to get an even texture throughout my whole head, I need to start with the back.

Elle sectioning out my hair to prepare for the relaxer application

Try your hardest not to add any relaxer to your scalp, neck or ears and make sure that when you apply the relaxer that you only apply to the hair that has never been previously relaxed; make sure that the ends are visibly free from relaxer. DO NOT use any combs to smooth it out, only your fingers, if you do so, you run the risk of damaging your scalp or even injuring yourself.

Ends completely relaxer-free

Usually I rinse the relaxer out after about 15 minutes (this includes application and smoothing) but this time, since I had such a very thick layer of vaseline on my scalp, I rinsed after approximately 25 minutes (my scalp was not itchy or burning at any point). When I finished rinsing all of the relaxer with water, instead of adding the neutralising shampoo right away, I add a protein treatment to my hair, the Aphogee Keratin 2-Minute Reconstructor (here), to put back the protein that it lost during the relaxing process. I leave the treatment in my hair for exactly 2 minutes.

Protein treatment used before the neutralising shampoo

After I do the quick protein treatment, I shampoo my hair at least 5 times (to ensure that all of the relaxer is out of my hair) with the neutralising shampoo that comes in the box which was the ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo (here again). The first of the 5 times that I apply the shampoo, instead of rinsing it out right away, I let it sit in my hair for about 5 minutes. The other four times (or more) I put it in my hair, work it in for about one minute then I rinse and repeat until the little packet is finished.

Packets of shampoo and protein conditioner that come in the box of relaxer

After shampooing, I dry my hair with a t-shirt for about 10 minutes, then I add the protein treatment that comes with the relaxer to my damp hair and deep condition with it for at least 1 hour. I always use the ORS Replenishing Conditioner (here) because it makes my hair feel very strong but not hard from protein overload (given that I have used a lot of protein products so far); it has the perfect amount of protein for my hair. After deep conditioning, I dry my hair with a t-shirt again and add my usual leave-in conditioner, the Kinky Curly Knot Today Conditioner (here) and I seal with either coconut (here) or olive oil (here) or even a mix of the two.

Leave-in conditioner and sealants used

After I relax my hair, I never do anything to my hair. I usually just let it air-dry and put it in a bun. If I want to straighten my hair, I wait a week or two after my relaxer to do so, just to give my hair some time to recover from the amount of manipulation and harsh chemicals that it went through during the relaxer process.

I love leaving a little bit of texture because it makes my hair appear thicker than it actually is. These are the pictures before and after I got with my relaxer:

Texture before relaxer
Texture after relaxer

I love relaxing my hair because I get to see how much length I was able to retain in the 3 months or so, that I’ve been stretching my relaxer. When my hair is a lot of weeks post relaxer (8 weeks +), I tend to leave it alone and not manipulate it very much (i.e.: straighten it), so I always get a little surprise on relaxer day.

I hope you guys learned something from the way that I relax my hair. Hopefully you realize (like we did) that you don’t need to depend on a salon to get the relaxer results that you want; trust me, your wallets will thank us. For more information on what we do to our hair when we are not relaxing click here or if you want to know a little bit about our hair before our journey, click here.

As always, if you have any requests or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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-Di (D)

28 thoughts on “My Relaxer Routine

  1. Lisa

    Where have you girls been all along…love your tutorial and blog :-). These instructions are easy to follow and love the embedded links that indicate where to buy the products.


  2. Misha

    You mentioned moisturizing and sealing every day during the week leading up to the day of your relaxer and alternating between a protein moisturizer and hydrating moisturizer. Is the protein moisturizer (shea moisture curl and style milk) and your hydrating moisturizer (kinky curly knot today). Not sure if I have it correct.

    Thank you for this great tips.


    1. diElleci

      Hi Misha!

      You got it for the hydrating, but for the protein is the CHI Keratin Mist (the one pictured). Kinky Curly Knot Today has no protein so it would account for a hydrating moisturiser.

      You are very welcome!



  3. Georgina

    Beautiful sisters with great tips with a unique perspective. Question:Have you always used a no-lye relaxer also heard it’s better for the hair than lye.

    Sidenote: You have to do a follow-up on the brown on brown/neutral makeup on your Instagram (or your top five neutral lipsticks, eyeshadow, etc.). Gorgeous! Love neutrals, pinks, brown, etc.


    1. diElleci

      Hi Georgina!

      Thank you so much!
      No back when we used to get our hair relaxed at the salon we used to relax with lye, I can’t really tell you if that was the reason for the amount of damage we had since we basically did everything bad to our hair back then lol! But like you, we also researched that no-lye is better for you so we just stick to that!

      Also, for sure we will follow up and do some makeup tutorials showcasing neutrals, since we love this look, so glad you love it too! We will definitely do them very soon!

      Again, thank you so much!



  4. Cece

    Learned a lot love the steps. How soon after your relaxer do you wash your hair or continue following your routine? 1 week or 2 weeks. Also have you reached your hair goal length at bra strap or are you striving for mid-back or waist length?


    1. diElleci

      Hi Cece!

      So glad to hear that it helped you! We go back to our normal routine a week after the relaxer, so in the following days we just moisturise and seal and then the next Sunday we shampoo our hair and deep condition with something very hydrating but with a but of protein (usually the Macadamia deep conditioner) and go back to our normal routine.
      No we have not reached our goal length, we are still welcoming more length although, we don’t put as much pressure as before. But I think our main goal length is mid-back and then after that since we will never go back to our old habits we will let our hair grow out as it pleases (although we will never let it grow past waist length)

      Thank you so much!


  5. Lui

    Hey Girls. As I’ve seen, you know many things about hair. I heard about shea butter, so I would like you to explain what you know about that( if you can, of course). I’m sure that you didn’t post anything about shea butter(I’ve been reading your posts 🙂 ).


    1. diElleci

      Hi Lui!

      Shea butter is an amazing sealant for people that have a tough time keeping moisture in the hair- so instead of sealing with olive oil or coconut oil you can seal with shea butter

      With all honesty we don’t use shea butter that much just because its too thick for us, if you are natural it should be perfect for you but if you are relaxed or your hair is quite on the thinner side it may be too much for you.

      Another amazing way to use shea butter is as a lotion, specially for winter months.

      Hopefully this helps you!!



  6. Margarida

    Hi. I loved your relaxer routine. I don’t relax my hair since November 2015( 17 weeks) and i want to relax it now. I normally relax with Mizane at the salon but I don’t see any results. I’m planning to try the relaxer you use. I’ve never relaxed at home and i really want to try it. I’m a bit scared though.😬 Do you think the changing of relaxers can damage my hair more?



    1. diElleci

      Hi Margarida!

      We actually never changed relaxers so we don’t have personal experience I’m afraid. However, from research on other youtubers/bloggers you should not have any damage if you do it properly. Make sure to only touch the unrelaxed part of your hair specifically because the two relaxers may not work well together, so please cover well your previously relaxed hair.

      Good luck


    1. diElleci

      Hi Margarida!

      Thank you so much! We are glad you like it!
      Don’t worry ask as many questions as you please, we love to help you guys out!

      As you have seen in our schedule table we trim our hair every six months, which usually lands in the times we straighten our hair. However, if you feel like your ends are bad and you need to trim them now that you are going to relax, trimming the ends after you relax will be better and easier for you since there will be no shrinkage from your new growth!

      Thank you again!


  7. Roselyn

    My question for you is how do you achieve similar textures after each texlax? Each time I texlax, I wind up with a different texture varying from almost untouched to a few steps away from bone straight. This results in different hair textures along each hair shaft, which can make for breakage eventhough i protective style every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Faiza

    All my sisters have beautiful Somali curl hair but mine was thick and very different and I was always jealous and get tired of braiding and never had pony tall or different style like my sisters. So one of my sister come up the idea of relaxing hair and mom was like no she is too young for that and I know her hair will grow with braiding. Yes my mom was kind of right and I was seven after two years my hair growth little bit and I start asking my mom every second until she finally get tired of asking and said okay. So my sister relaxed my hair and was doing every three months and after we move to United States unfortunately my sister was married and decided to stay with her husband. I couldn’t do it Without her so I start going salon for seven years and relaxing my hair every three months. Iast year August I was planing to relaxer but I was thinking to change and don’t know what to do again I know my hair will grow if I take the right way and I google it something and I found three beautiful sisters with amazing hair. I bought all product and didn’t start anything I would say like I would do this Sunday and will follow steps but didn’t happen. Two weeks ago I start the process and relaxed my hair last night by myself with your help. My hair never felt this way and i couldn’t believe my new hair and the length. I used to feel irritation and headache after relaxer and very dry which I thought my hair’s problem. Thank you so much it took me 2 hours treating my hair last night but was worth and I did video chat to show my sister and telling where I get this idea and I will follow your hair growth routine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. diElleci

      Hi Faiza!!
      So sorry for such a late reply, with school and everything sometimes we cannot keep up!

      So lovely that you shared your story and we are SO glad that you are managing your hair by yourself! This is something that we cannot say since we have each other, so very well done, we’re so proud and happy for you!!

      Keep up with your routine and good luck in your journey



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