Heatless Curls: Flat Chunky TwistOut

Hi guys!!

So basically now you guys know exactly how we grew our hair (hair story here and routine here) and one thing that we strongly stand by for the health and growth of your hair is avoiding heat. This can be quite stressful if you were heat junkies like us and if you are like us (specially on nice occasions) you may feel like you have no choice but to put heat on your hair to look decent! However, not only there are plenty of choices in the heatless world but even better many are not difficult to achieve (although I do have to admit most are time consuming)

On this post I will teach you how to get the best curls/waves without having to resort to a curling iron, this style is perfect for now that we are leaving winter and entering spring and perfect for the girls that love a romantic feel to their look.




I used these products to achieve my results: the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (here) is perfect to hold a curl for a very long time so you can keep the hairstyle for long; olive oil (here) is my all time favourite oil in colder months since its so thick; and the afro comb and flexi rods(here) is what will make the hairstyle work on my texture that is too straight since I relax (if you are natural in the sense of curly or kinky hair you may not use this since the twists will hold by themselves)


Step 1- Start the night before (or a few hours before you want to go out with the hairstyle) by having your hair washed (I have my hair shampooed and deep conditioned) and then either air dry or blow dry your hair with cold air (I chose to blow dry since it was night so I couldn’t be bothered to wait hours to air dry my hair) and coat your hair specially the ends with your curl smoothie when finished air-drying/blow drying seal your ends with olive oil

***Do not dry your hair fully- leave a bit of moisture (around 90% dry) so you can manage your hair better


Step 2- For the looser waves look that I did I divided with my finger my hair in 5 sections and I swiftly twisted my hair. The way in which you twist is by holding on into a small section off of the 5 sections that you divided, this small section (about 2 inches) should have the shape of a triangle (first photo) and then divide this small section in two and with the top section cover the bottom section (second photo) and grip the hair.


Step 3- You will then do this movement (the section on top covers the bottom, grip it and do it again catching hair as you go as you do for a french braid) as many times as possible until you have no more hair to grab, then continue doing and individual twist until the end. Now as optional if your hair does not curl (like mine, since relaxed) put a flexi-rod in the end so it does not unravel


Step 4- Do to all 5 sections of your hair (making sure you grip tight) and when finished you should end up like this. Now go to bed (or wait a few hours, around 6) for the hair to set. I chose to go to bed, which FYI it was such an uncomfortable sleep. Also if you do choose to sleep make sure you cover your hair with a satin or silk scarf

Step 5- The next day (next few hours) take out the flexi rods and carefully unravel your hair (coat your hair with some olive oil so you don’t get any unwanted frizz)

Step 6- Now it’s time to do further unraveling of the twists which is an optional part, if you enjoy the look of carefully unravelled twists leave it be, I prefer the more messy look of waves so I take my time separating the twists so there is no traces of twists and there is just waves. I start by separating with my fingers by first separating big chunks and then separating the smaller sections and finally using my afro pick for volume and further separation (don’t actually comb just pick if not you will get frizz not waves)

Step 7 (Optional)- I do a further step of stretching so I get more length of putting my hair in a ponytail (not tightly) and pushing my hair from it, I also go extra by swinging my hair from side to side.


And voilá! The look is complete! As you can see although I did so much unraveling the waves are still there, this because of the curling smoothie I used (so don’t skip that step- does not have to be the same product but just something that says that holds a curl), the fact that I let my hair set and the fact that I was very careful not to comb out my hair ever (just unravel)


Hope you guys enjoyed it and actually learnt it! So now instead of resorting always to heat you now know a way to get some volume and romance with your hair and keep your hair routine damage-free!

Let us know in the comments below any other heat-free hairstyles you would like to see and we will definitely attempt to do them for you!

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-Elle (L)

20 thoughts on “Heatless Curls: Flat Chunky TwistOut

    1. diElleci

      Hi Karen!

      Ooh I should’ve made that clear! This hairstyle on me lasts until my next wash day ( I did this on a Sunday to Monday and my wash day is Wednesday so about 3 days). I maintain it by doing the pineapple method (pile all my hair on the very top of my head and tie it loosely and sleep on a satin scarf) so I don’t have to redo the twists!
      Also when it’s starting to get very messy I do hairstyles with it (post coming very soon!)

      Thanks so much


  1. Aiya

    Gorgeous waves and love your blog. Great tutorial. Future heat free styles braidouts…although perhaps I could follow the steps above doing a braid (like a French braid) instead of a twist. What about how to do a simple bun whether low bun, high bun, etc. I am just starting my hair journey and my buns tend to unravel doing the day or frizz-up. What’s the secret to making them stay put?


    1. diElleci

      Hi Aya!

      Thank you so much for the requests! Yes, you can do french braids instead of twists but mind you that it will look a tad different, more curly and shorter (want us to do it?).
      As for simple buns we will definitely do ideas for you!
      As for buns, I know what you mean, when we started the hair journey with very short hair, it was so hard to keep them tight! The secret is bobby pins and understanding what area of you hair has the longest and also what are has the shortest and place the buns taking that into consideration (so place it in the area where your hair is shorter since the longer area can reach out to the bun, instead of doing the opposite and having hairs sticking out- you get what I mean?)
      As for staying put for sure we will do posts on “laying down your edges” tricks!

      Thank you so much for the requests!



      1. Aiya

        Thanks so much for the tips. They are very helpful and yes please on how to do braidouts for a future post/tutorial. Laying down your edges is another good one. Thanks again.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nina

    Love those waves they are so bouncy. When you wash your hair Wednesday and Sundays do you wash in braids or sections since your hair is so long? How do you handle tangles?

    Great job on the blog.


    1. diElleci

      Hi Nina!

      Thank you so much, so glad you liked it!

      I wash my hair in 2 sections when my new growth is tamed, when it’s not I do it in 4 sections (2 each side)

      I comb my hair under running water so most times my detangling session is super easy (takes me about 10 minutes) as well as I try to use deep conditioners with lots of slip (Macadamia deep conditioner for Sundays and Hello Hydration Herbal Essences for wednesdays are my go to when the running water is not enough).

      Also when my hair is just too tangled (or stuck together due to too much product) I always coat my hair with warm (not hot) coconut oil and let it sit for about half an hour and then I go and wash my hair, it literally gives so much slip!

      Hopefully that helped you, we will be talking about all these obstacles that make taking care of our hair such a pain but I hope for the meantime these tips helped you!



      1. Nina

        Excellent and very helpful tips that I’ll use during my wash days. Heard great things about Hello Hydration and Aussie Moist conditioners as providing great slip. Will add these to my product junkie list. lol.

        Thanks again.

        Liked by 1 person

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