Simple Smokey Eye

Hi Ladies,

So I decided to share this very simple smokey eye look with you. I usually don’t wear make-up and when I do I usually prefer something more subtle. But for some reason I was inspired to be bold without much fuss.


  • As always it is best to start out with a clean and moisturized face. My skin needed extra moisture as I have dry skin during the colder months and I had just traveled to London. The hardness in the water is no joke and I can always tell the difference in my skin when I get here. Also, if you will be wearing your make-up for a long time I recommend spritzing the MAC Prep+Prime Fix +.


  • Next, I proceed to add my foundation (MAC Studio Fix Studio with SPF 15 in NW45) by first dabbing dots of the product on my face. Followed by distributing it in a circular motion with my fingers. You don’t have to use your fingers, I just prefer doing it this way since I feel like I use less product and previous brushes have given me streaky results. But maybe I have not used the correct brush yet!


  • To ensure even distribution I go over with my damp Beauty Blender. I am borrowing my sisters’ but usually I use the knock-off. I do have to admit that the texture is different and more pleasant but I saw similar results when I used the cheaper alternative.


  • Now it’s time to highlight and contour! As I previously mentioned I have dry skin so I prefer to use creamy products rather than powder. But if you have oily skin, powder may be a better alternative for you. For my Highlight I use Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Deep and my Contour is accomplished with the Bobby Brown Foundation Stick in Espresso.


  • This is the result of my highlighting. I opt for a simple look as I honestly think it suits me better. Some people like highlighting the cupid’s bow, but I do not like it on me. Similarly, some may emphasize their chin. As with everything you have to see what suits you and your preferences.


  • Next I use my trusty Beautyblender to do what it does best: blend! This step of the process in my opinion is the most important as it ensures your face is even without harsh lines.


  • After blending I move on to my eyebrows. I do not have thick eyebrows and personally do not like to create eyebrows I do not have. I simply fill them in with my Anastasia DIPBROW pomade in Chocolate. I use Brush 12 from Anastasia Beverly Hills to fill them in.


  • Then ensure everything stays in place with the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Chocolate.


  • And VOILÁ! After my eyebrows I prep my eyes with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. This is another optional step. Prepping is usually best when you will be wearing your make-up for long periods and if you are wearing a lot of product. This time we are doing a simple eyeshadow look so it is not necessary.


  • I started by adding a matte  plummy brown shade eyeshadow to my crease (fourth color at the top of the Carli Bybel palette). Used the Real Techniques Base Eyeshadow Brush.


  • Then I added Undone from the Naked2 Basic Palette to my eye. Again, used the Real Techniques Base Eyeshadow Brush.


  • I made sure to blend both eyeshadows with the MAC 217 brush.


  • After much blending this was the final result.


  • You have to keep checking to make sure that both eyes are even and you achieved the desired result.


  • No look is complete without eyeliner(Quo liquid Liner) and mascara (Benefit they’re real). I don’t usually wear false lashes so this is where I stop.


  • I set my face with the Guerlain  Bronzer in Terracota and Make Up For Ever Powder Foundation in 177.  And added a peachy blush (MAC’s Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen).


  • Lastly, I moved on to the lips by first lining them with my favorite lipliner: Chestnut by MAC.


  • My lipstick of choice for this look was MAC Antique Velvet. I love this shade, I feel like it compliments my color and looks extra fierce with a smoky eye.


  • This is the final look! You can spritz MAC Prep+Prime Fix + if you will be wearing this look for a long time.


And there you have it! A simple smoky eye that packs a punch with a statement lip. Let us know if you enjoyed it and if you try it out make sure to tag us on your instagram pics at or on twitter @dielleci.

– Ci(C)

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