Simple Kendall Jenner Inspired Ponytail

Hello friends!

Regardless of what your opinions are about the Kardashians, it is needless to say that they are influencing our tastes and style, since they are everywhere!!

I love Kendall Jenner’s style, I think she always seems effortless and she dresses age-appropriately. So, when I saw her sporting this simple ponytail when she was modelling with Kim K for Balmain, my previous opinion remained. Although I loved the way she looked, my take was a little less slick and a bit on the verge of messy, but if you prefer more precise lines and slickness, just follow the steps but add a comb and some gel.

Hope you guys liked it and try out such a simple look, perfect for when you are due for a wash but have somewhere nice to go,

Let’s get started!


1- Start with your hair a bit weighed down (from 3 days to a week depending on your texture) so it can “listen” to you.

*If you are following my messy version don’t comb your hair, in this day I literally woke up and started, but if you want a slick look your hair should be combed now.


2- Divide your hair into 2 parts going from ear to ear (with your fingers) and leave the bottom and biggest part in a ponytail and the top section divide it into two (how clean the part looks is again your choice, I chose a messier part), brush the small sections since they need to be slick regardless of which way you decide to go.



3-When finished combing, join the two sections in the back of your head with a bobby pin to keep those sections tucked away. Make a bun on the biggest section if you think it is getting in the way of joining your sections tightly.


4- After getting that grip, move to the bigger section and swiftly comb it down out of the bun (if you are going for the messy look just comb the top part of your hair, if not brush it well until it lays flat)


5- Take out the bobby pin and join all sections to do a ponytail. Because I want a messy look, I lift my ponytail up a bit to get that “bump” and then I tie my hair to a ponytail



6- After making your ponytail, take out a small piece of your hair and use it to cover the elastic band (make it a thick piece to look nicer, but not so thick to the point that you have a stringy ponytail lol), my hair is very dirty (aside from the fact that my texture is coarse) so it listens to me and the piece stayed in my hair with no need for a bobby pin, if yours is not, then secure it with a pin


And ta-da! The look is complete (took me about 5 minutes since I had to redo my ponytail)



Hope you guys liked it!

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