Valentine’s on a budget

Hello lovebirds!

Today’s post is about us, either still in uni/high school/first job/unemployed, basically all of us young people making a start in life and trying to save, save and save. Personally, I need to save this year, things are not looking up back in my country’s economy and regardless, I am still a uni student. I know most of you are in our situation, that money is tight and let’s be real, it should be. Regardless it’s still that time of year: Valentine’s day!!

As I am single, this day will probably go by without a breeze, but for any of you that aren’t and don’t want to spend a dime here are some ideas for Valentine’s day, broke lover edition!

P.S.: To all my lovely ladies that want some inspiration on a chill makeup and fashion look, a lookbook is coming really soon with my suggestion for this year!

  1. Netflix and chill- ok, you are probably thinking I’m a creep (and I am lol) but there is a reason that Netflix is absolutely brilliant, first it has movies that you thought you would never watch again and the best tv shows (by the way there is netflix in Angola now!!). What makes this a brilliant good valentine’s date is if you get creative and personal by choosing her/his favourite film, favourite snack and doing up your living room/bedroom (wink) with candles and the best (and on sale) chocolate.
  2. Picnic on a rooftop- combine the romantic idea of a picnic with the equally romantic idea of seeing the sights. This can be a great idea if either you or someone you know lives in a block of flats (does not need to be fancy) where there is a rooftop, just ask for their permission and do a little romantic picnic. If you do not have one or don’t know anyone another rooftop that is equally as romantic is the rooftop of your car, most cities have cliffs overlooking the main city line, park there (if safe) and do a mini picnic in your rooftop!
  3. Scavenger hunt (adapt gift with date)- take her with small notes to your favorite           places, end in the place you met or in your house where she is met with flowers or candles.
  4.  Find out of any festivals or art galleries out there- sorry but not sorry, valentine’s day is not a major holiday that shuts down events. So take advantage of that and find out about gigs (maybe his/her favourite underrated singer is playing) and get tickets quick (this is specially nice for couples that are not so lovey dovey)
  5. Sunday brunch-nic: take advantage that this year’s valentine’s day is on a sunday so make a picnic (can be in a park, your dorm room, living room, whatever) with your favourite brunch treats, invite your bae in at 10 am and chill with a couple of mimosas!

Have fun lovebirds, but most importantly don’t increase your student debts!


Elle (L)


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